2017 Alive Conference

First, we want to say “Thank You” to everyone who helped make the Student ALIVE Conference possible. It is a life changing experience that couldn’t go on without the help of many leaders in our churches. We would also like to say a special “Thank
You” to our speaker, Donny Parish. Donny captured our attention this year and brought us several messages on being transformed. Romans 12:1-2 was the focus of the messages during our weekend stay.

Bro. Donny Parish Teaching The Word

Over the course of four sessions, Donny dug into what Romans 12:1-2 says about our relationship with God and how we can become more like Him. Thursday night, Donny introduced being transformed, that it only comes when we recognized the “mercy of God” — Jesus’ death on Calvary. Accepting God’s mercy is the first step to becoming transformed.

Friday morning, Donny addressed what it means to be a living sacrifice. After accepting God’s mercy, we must become a living sacrifice so God can work through us. Being a living sacrifice entails living a life of mercy, bringing your body (everything you are), and making the choice to stay on the altar and not get off. When we offer our bodies as a living sacrifice, God can then transform us by the renewing of our minds.

Bro. Donny Driving Home Another Point About Being Transformed

Bro. Donny Driving Home Another Point About Being Transformed

Friday evening, Donny unfolded what it means to be renewed and why we should not conform to this world. By not conforming, we are able to open our minds to what transformations may come and to the renewal that is necessary. To be renewed, a person must pray for renewal, study God’s Word, and become a disciple of Jesus. When our minds are renewed, we can clear the clutter the world brings and focus on our Creator and the life God has for us. When all these things are applied to one’s life, we can prove what is the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.

Summer Hill, Our Worship Team, leading us in Praise to God

Summer Hill, Our Worship Team, leading us in Praise to God

Saturday morning, Donny wrapped up the weekend by showing us when we are transformed, we will become more like God and show the fruits of His glory. The theme of ALIVE Student Conference was to not arrive transformed but to continue becoming transformed. On top of our four sessions with Donny, we had a small special session with him where we learned about LifeWord and what they do for people around the world. Many of us were challenged to take a leap of faith and join a mission group for over the summer. It sparked many conversations and helped us understand the need for the Gospel and how God’s people are spreading the Word.

Other than the sessions we attended, we were able to go to the Rec Plex and participate in a plethora of activities. There was ice skating, broom hockey, volleyball, basketball, swimming, and a lounge area where anyone could sit and play card games. It was a great time and we all had a blast getting rid of excess energy. We were also able to go to West County Mall where we shopped and ate as many samples in the food court as we could.

Late Friday evening, we were entertained by illusionist, Jared Hall.

Illusionist Jared Hall & “Assistant”

Illusionist Jared Hall & “Assistant”

He did an outstanding job getting us to laugh and be amazed at his talent. A big take away from this conference is the process of being transformed. Donny said being transformed is not reaching the top of the mountain but is the climb up it. It is easy to get caught up with busy schedules and things in today’s society, but the goal is to continue to be a living sacrifice and do our best for God. When we transform, we show God’s light to the world and become more like Him.

We thank everyone again for making ALIVE Student Conference 2017 happen and can’t wait for next year!

Article by Bethel High School Seniors Rachel Licklider & Mandy Dulworth
Pictures by Bethel High School Students Hannah Folk & Rachel Rayfeld

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