90th Annual Meeting of the BMA of Missouri

October 28, 2017 • 9:00 a.m.
Camp Garwood
by Don Burke, Clerk • James Ho?mann, Editor

Fifty-nine messengers (plus several visitors) representing 30 churches met at Camp Garwood for the 90th annual meeting
of the Missouri State Association.
Following the morning devotional from John 17:17 by Leonard Knight, Association President Dale Fish called the Association to order.
Two guests, Philip Attebery representing the BMAA Seminary and Terry Kimbrow representing Central Baptist College, shared
with the body the ministry and needs of their respective schools. The Association voted to send $1,000 from the Missions Fund to each of these. Newly Elected Committeemen
• Alive Committee: Brian Buckley (term ending 2019), Kevin Smith (2020), and Brian Kingston (2021);
• Publication Committee: Ray Thurman (2019), Don Burke (2020);
• Camp Committee: Brian Whitlock (2022);
• Special Missions Committee: Russell Chitwood (2024).
Highlights of Committee Reports
• Alive Committee – announced that this year’s conference is scheduled for December 28-30, 2017 and
will take place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Chesterfeld.

More information can be found on the Alive Conference page along with instructions about how to register. Registrations must be done by December 1st to get the good rate that the hotel offers.
• Publications Committee – Editor Jim Hoffmann expressed thankfulness for having a good year financially which made it
possible to end the year with a positive balance without having to ask for special offerings.
• BMA Loan Association – Director Dennis Baker reported that we were able to help Emmanuel Baptist Church with a Grant which enabled them to replace heating and air-conditioning units that were needing replaced. Emmanuel’s pastor, Jason Reddin noted that the church was extremely thankful for the help and had already started giving offerings to this fund to show their appreciation.
He mentioned that the need was more critical that first imagined as they found that carbon monoxide was entering their building because of the faulty equipment. Thank God, we had the funds available to help.
• Brotherhood and WMA Reports, indicated that these auxiliaries are doing a great service to the Lord’s work in strengthening the fellowship and outreach of our churches.
Sis. Juanita May reported another successful WMA Retreat with good lessons and fellowship along with an auction that raised more funds for Camp Garwood. Bro. Dennis Baker reported that the Men’s Retreats have continued to bring our men and boys together at Camp Garwood with devotionals, fellowship, and activities that strengthen the relationship in our churches.
• Camp Garwood Report – Direct Chris Polk presented an encouraging report on the 2017 Camp and Retreats. A new dorm was finished and put into use this year and plans are to build a workshop/storage building on the old house site at camp which will allow us to make a more permanent dorm out of the area that has been used as storage and an extra dorm when
needed. We are thankful for all the souls that have been saved at Camp Garwood. (See Bro. Chris’ article on Page 5.)

Ben Kingston gave the annual sermon, taken from Proverbs 2:1-12. His admonitions centered upon “A Search for Wisdom.”
(See notes gleaned from his message on page 5.) Bro. Wayne Gibson expressed our appreciation to Bro. Leonard Knight and Bro. Ben Kingston for the devotional and message. A wonderful noon meal was prepared by the Rockin’ Mobile Café, operated by Dave and Lisa Payne.

After the noon break, the body reconvened for the Missionary Committee meeting. The Special Missions Committee presented
the following recommendations:
1. Bro. James Ho?mann stand as nominee for Missions Director.
2. That Director’s Salary be commensurate with duties asked, to be set by our Advisory committee. (Note: Later the Advisory
Committee set the Director’s Salary at $600 a month.)
3. Bro. Don Burke Stand as nominee for Assistant Missions Director.
4. That we give 1 month’s salary for Christmas Bonus to our Missions Director.
5. That we designate ½ of the Mission Director’s salary as housing allowance.
6. That we continue Revitalization Conferences with Bro. Ben Kingston as Director.
7. That we send $5,000 to BMA Missions Department for aid in Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.
8. That we pay up to $2,500 to Abundant Life in Christ Church in Charleston for upgrading their parking as they continue to fnish their new building.

After some discussion the recommendations were approved by the Missions Committee, and then later ratified by the full Association body. Dale Fish and Claude Evans were reelected Association President and Vice President (respectively). The President reappointed the same brethren to serve on the Enrollment Committee (Russell Chitwood, Leonard Knight, Brad Banderman) and Resolutions Committee (David Griggs, Chris Polk, Tom Foster, Jr.) for the coming year.

The Association will meet on May 18 – 19, 2018 at Zion (St. Louis) for the Missions Symposium and Mid-Year Business
Meeting. The 2018 Annual Association will meet October 27, 2018 at Bethel (Lonedell).

We are also thankful for the increased attendance this year and for the sweet Spirit of fellowship!

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