BMMI in the Jungles of Peru

The Mighty Jungle.
There are no words to describe the beauty of it. As we traveled the Tambo River, I took a multitude of pictures, none of which truly captured the beauty of this place.

But the greater beauty came when we docked the boat and moved into the trees where the most beautiful people are found. You can’t see the villages from the river, but nestled behind the stunning trees, there is life.
The most recent Baptist Medical Missions International (BMMI) trip was to Peru in August. For the third year in a row, BMMI was invited there to set up four medical clinics in two new villages. In addition to making many new friends, we saw almost 500 patients with 111 professing Christ as their Savior.

But it’s not easy to get to the Ashaninkas. It takes three days to get there by plane, vans, and a long boat ride. But the travel is worth it because God is doing amazing things in this area, mostly due to the relationships Pastor Paul Tinoco has built with the village chiefs.

On our first visit three years ago, we were not sure how we would be received, but we were welcomed and invited back. Since that visit, the tribes have been meeting about planting the first church in this area, which is what Pastor Paul prays for.

It has been such a blessing for BMMI to be able to work alongside our national missionaries and help open doors for them. That is what BMMI medical clinics do: Open doors so that more people can hear the saving message of Jesus.

To God be the glory for what He is doing in the jungle of Peru. Please pray with us for the Ashaninkan Indian tribes!

by Angela Rice

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