Greetings From Garwood

Ahhh Springtime! It’s the time of year all of Gods critters get busy. And so do we! Work has begun on the new dorm. Hopefully we can send some pictures next month. We are working on the directors apartment. We’ve also done some work on the paintball area preparing for our retreat this weekend.

Looking back, We had such a wonderful time at the Renewal Retreat. I believe it was helpful for all who attended. It certainly was for me. Thanks to Bro. Ben Kingston and all that helped.

Looking forward we are expecting another great Men’s retreat May 12th-13th. Please encourage your men to attend this retreat, and bring the boys (young men) with them. We always have a great time of fellowship. It’s Spring so we will have skeet shooting, Door prizes and Lots of food.

Ladies don’t forget! The GMA retreat is July 7-8. For more information concerning this retreat or if you would like to help. Please contact Shelia Polk 573-380-4064.

As Spring gives way to Summer we will try to get camp ready early this year. There are always little jobs that get pushed back until camp week. I can’t do that this year. Due to a con?ict at work I am unable to get o? for camp week. Not to worry though, my trusty assistant is on board and ready to take my place. I’m really hoping to make it over for the evening services. We have plenty of time, 18 Saturdays to be exact!

There’s a ton of stuff happening at camp this year. Not one but two super men of God! Shawn Hammontree and his son-in-law Jordan Bowen will be there. Not one but two great worship groups. The Harpers you all know and love and Central Baptist Church/Conway’s youth band, Crossroads is coming to help with filling in the gap after evening services. They will also be helping with some of the recreation activities. But that’s not all, We are working on train cars to haul 35-40 people around camp. But wait! No really, you have to wait. Because, Sorry I can’t give any details yet. But it’s gonna be Gggreat! I’m really excited about this year’s camp. AND I CANT GO! (Yes, I’m crying just a little)

As I was typing this I received the proofs for our promotion posters. Looks good! They will be included in the packets that should be mailed in early May. Be sure to get your adults screened. Everyone 18 and over has to complete the form every year. It’s not too early go ahead and get it out of the way.

Chris Polk
P.O. Box 271 • Matthews MO 63867

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