December 2019 – Mission Director’s Reprt

My wife and I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as you serve the Lord and look forward to His blessings each day.
Thank you for your support of our Mission Program and the Publication Ministry of our association with which we have been associated for over 30 years.

Please join us in prayer as your Special Missions Committee searches for a new Missions Director and the Publications Committee seeks a new editor and as both committees seek God’s direction in planning the future of these departments.

Please pray for God to lay these opportunities on persons who are qualified and dedicated to the task of serving in each capacity. Remember – the deadline for receiving resumes is January 1, 2020! (Note the information on page 1 of this issue.) This deadline will only be a few weeks away by the time you receive this paper.

Our offerings for Missions are holding steady and are ample to cover the expenses as we are operating at the present, but we hope to have at least one missionary to consider supporting in the next few months and this will require additional funds coming in each month.

At this time we are barely keeping our Publication Funds in the black and if things do not pick up soon we will have to appeal to the churches with a “Special Emphasis” to build our bank account to be adequate for the transition to a new Editor. Please pray about helping with this need without us having to make a “special” appeal. Thank you for considering this.

Another matter of prayer that I call to your attention is the need of more preachers (pastors) coming to work with the churches in Missouri. It seems over the last several years we have had more leave our state than we have had coming to work with us. This is a cause of concern for many I have talked to this past year and we need to pray that God will lead some more workers to come and work with us. When we visit other states we need to let people there know we would welcome them to come and join us in this area.

As we look forward to the year ahead we should do so with anticipation about what God can and will do if we pray, seek His face, and do the work He has given us to do.

There are lost souls wherever we are and we need to ask God to make us “conscious” of the opportunities we have to tell them about Jesus. God is still saving souls and we are still commissioned to take the message to them, so let’s rededicate ourselves to carry out His program for reaching those who need Jesus before it is too late.

As we think of gifts at Christmas let’s remember that the greatest gift a person can receive is JESUS and the greatest gift a Christian can receive at Christmas is to know their family and friends have received the Gift of Eternal Life through Jesus!

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