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Merry Christmas from the Kakilalas in the Philippines
“In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” I Thessalonians 5:18.

Thanksgiving is not a Filipino holiday to celebrate but it truly is a beautiful way to usher in the Christmas season. The Conversational English class is learning some American culture to broaden their perspective on life. The Filipinos love to wear t-shirts with logos and saying. One popular design here
is the Nike symbol. The kids have learned that a common saying associated with the Nike symbol is, “Just Do It.” In the Bible there are many occasions when God gives a command and the people have a choice to make. Now the children are quick to say “Just Do it!!!” Another term the children have come to recognize is WWJD. The new converts are encouraged to ask themselves, “What Would Jesus Do?” We are trying to equip the children with things to help them in their daily walk.

Ministry includes so many things. It is being a broken vessel that God can use. He has given us the privilege to encourage a sister church in Bacolod on their Thanksgiving service. God gives us opportunity on a daily basis to help the children with physical needs by mending their torn clothes, giving new
clothes when needed, and also providing the children with snacks that they love. It is our joy to hear their voices sing out praise songs they learn that are sure to carry them through the hard times of life.

December 10th the Conversational English Class had a Christmas program to share with the parents the things they have learned in the last few months. Certificates were given to those who mastered the 10 Commandments and/or the Books of the Bible. Those who mastered both were also given a Bible. A Spiritual Birth Certificate was given to each one who prayed to accept Christ and now have two birthdays, their
physical birth and their spiritual birth!

Just recently a group of teens came to our house for a meeting as a result of their door to door caroling. This seems like a promising opportunity. We are hoping to yield fruit from the parents that came for the Christmas program. Please join us in praying that God’s Spirit will draw these people to the
precious gospel.

We truly appreciate all the prayers for our recent health concerns. We are still waiting for results.


Servants of our Lord,
Fil & Lisa and Justine Kakilala

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