January 2017 – Assistant Mission Director’s Report

It was a joy to visit with and preach to the faithful folks at Berean Baptist Church in Festus the second
Sunday in December. They have been without a pastor for quite some time but are faithfully searching and praying for the man God has for them. Our hearts are stirred as we see churches struggling to find leadership in these days when it is so important. January 1st we were blessed to preach at Loyalty Church in Sparta, IL as Pastor Tom Foster was away visiting family over the holidays. It was great to meet
new people and to renew our fellowship with some of their members we have met a Camp Garwood in the last
few years. They are building a new house of worship and are trying to “pay-as-you-go” to avoid being in debt when it is finished. It looks great on the outside and they are trying to get the inside finished
as soon as possible. If you can do Sheetrock finishing, painting and other finishing work and could help them it would be greatly appreciated. I am sure they would accept financial donations for materials also!
It is good to read the reports of how God is blessing many of our churches and we need to encourage one another as we have opportunity.

Pray for Bro. Ben Kingston and help him in any way you can, as he plans the Renewal Retreat that will be at Camp Garwood March 17-18, 2017. I encourage all our preachers, pastors, and pastoral staff to make a special effort to meet at Camp Garwood for this special time that can and will make a difference in our ministries.

Watch for more details next month, but mark your calendar and be there March 17-18. There are no fees to pay, so money should not keep you away. There will be good food for all, so that should not be an excuse. There are comfortable accommodations available, just bring sleeping bags, covers, pillows, and linens, or let some of us know and we will bring some for you, so that should not be an excuse. The date is announced with plenty of time to set it aside and not let anything short of an emergency keep you from being there.
Don’t let any excuse keep you away Remember: an excuse is something you use when you don’t have a reason!!
We look forward to a great time of fellowship, challenge, inspiration, and many other things to enhance the work of our churches in Missouri!

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