October 2017 – Assistant Missions Director’s Report

This is a particularly busy time as some local associations have their annual meetings, and the annual State Association meets which involves the closing of financial and record books of all our departments. As we review the past year we are reminded of God’s blessings upon His work among our churches.

I was able to attend the annual meeting of the Meramec Landmark Baptist Association which met at New Testament Baptist Church in Sullivan September 22nd. It was a joy to be welcomed to this meeting and to be able to give a report on State Missions, the Missouri Missionary Baptist and the Kenneth Gibson Seminary Student Grant Fund. Thanks to Bro. Michael Hearts for sending the summary of this meeting that is located elsewhere on this page.

Appreciation is expressed to these churches for their cooperation in our state work during the year and the special offerings that were given at this meeting. Your support and encouragement is a blessing to the Lord’s work.

It was a joy to attend part of the Men’s Retreat at camp Garwood the last weekend of September. It is great to fellowship with the men and boys of our churches and to enjoy a time of relaxation and fellowship at camp.

Our BMA of MO Special Missions Committee met September 14th at the Ponderosa in Perryville. Those present were: Russell Chitwood, Ben Kingston, Don Burke, Dale Fish, Claude Evans, and Dan Wisely. I appreciate these men and their willingness to take time to meet and help plan the work we need to be doing.

Our clerk, Bro. Dan Wisely has taken the time to provide a copy of the recommendations that we plan to present to the Missionary Committee at our State Meeting October 28th at camp Garwood. Those recommendations follow this article.

Please prayerfully consider these recommendations and come to the meeting prepared to vote on them or present recommendations you have that will guide us as we do the work of missions If you have any questions about any of these recommendations please contact me or any of the committee members and we will be happy to try to answer your questions.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the Lord and His churches in this capacity and please pray with me that we might use all the opportunities God gives us to reach others with the Gospel and strengthen His Churches.

by James Hoffman, Assistant Missions Director

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