September 2019 – Mission Director’s Report

As I write my report this month it is with mixed emotions that I share with you the letter from Bro. Dustin. I am disappointed to know that things are not going as we were planning and I am thankful that Bro. Dustin is at peace about his decision, for God’s will is what we all want to follow. I am also encouraged to see how our people in Missouri have been working together to advance the cause of Missions in our great state.

As long as we are seeking and following God’s will in these matters we should all be excited about the future and challenged to do our best for God! Let’s look ahead with joy.

This issue of the paper has MUCH in it to help us prepare for our annual Associational meeting in October and I hope our pastors, messengers and all church members will read the recommendations and explanations and come to the meeting ready to make important decisions about the work God has for us to do.

You will see that I have notified the Special Missions Committee that if I am reelected as Director of Missions I will be resigning in October 2020 and we will need to have a new Director in place by the mid-year meeting next May in order to make a smooth transition. Please make this a matter of prayer.

I look forward to our meeting in Sikeston with Bethel Baptist Church and Pastor Davis as we seek God’s direction. I hope to see you there!

by Jim Hoffmann, Mission Director

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