The 95th Annual Meeting of the Meramec Landmark Baptist Association

submitted by Michael Hearst

The Meramec Landmark Baptist Association annual meeting was held Friday, September 22nd at New Testament Baptist Church in Sullivan, MO. The following are some of the highlights of this meeting:
• Bro Joe Ginter, Pastor-Charity, Columbia, MO preached the annual message.
• voted to send $5000 to the BMAA Disaster Relief Fund.
• voted to send $2000 to the BMAA Seminary Chapel Fund as a memorial to Bro. Jim R. Ford.
• voted to send $1,500 to the Kenneth Gibson Scholarship Fund.
• voted to send $1,000 to the Missouri Missionary Baptist paper.
• voted to begin church revitalization e?orts at Charity Baptist Church, Columbia, MO and at Berean Baptist Church, Festus, MO
• authorized Moderator, Bro Ben Kingston, to work with the State Association on a joint “Revitalization” meeting at the State Camp in Garwood, MO and to help with the cost of the meeting.
• standing vote of appreciation for the special offerings from the former Springdale Baptist Church in Fenton, MO.
• standing vote of appreciation to New Testament Baptist Church, Sullivan, MO and Pastor Charles Idleman for their hospitality in hosting this meeting.
•Pastors and wives fellowship to be held Fri, Oct 13 at Meramec Retreat Center
• 2018 Meramec Association’s Annual meeting to be held September 21st at White Oak Grove, Potosi, MO. Brian Kingston was elected to bring Introductory Sermon with Charles Idleman as alternate speaker.

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