The Hales’ June Newsletter

We are moving! I got a call from our landlord informing me that when the contract for our house comes up for renewal the frst of August, he’d be more than doubling our rent. I promptly told him that we’d be moved out by the end of July. I knew it could be difficult to find another good, safe, a?ordable home in the area we needed, but I also knew that if God was in it, He would provide. Well, He has provided and we are making plans to move the middle of July.

That’s good news, but this is better news: Colton has been saved! He came to us several months ago and told us that we had realized that he was a sinner during nap time and had asked God to forgive him. His story hasn’t changed and we are now 100% convinced that his experience is real.

After finding the new house we were blessed with a visit from Bro. David and Sis. Shelley Dickson. Bro. David encouraged the pastors here with a study on how to avoid having a stagnant church. Mrs. Shelley met with the ladies from 4 of our churches and spoke on the role of women in the church. It was so refreshing to have them here.

Jesse & Rebecca Hales

Hales’ Prayer Requests:

  • For the team from our sending church as they come to help.
  • That we’ll be able to navigate the craziness of this summer well.

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