Opportunities For Service…. Your Help is Vital to the Ministry Of Camp Garwood!!

We had such a great time at the recent Renewal Weekend. Thanks to the State and Meramec Associations for sponsoring and Bro. Ben Kingston for planning it!

We LOOK FORWARD to the upcoming Men’s retreat May 3rd – 4th. I’m sure details will be included in this edition We hope to see a good crowd. The Men’s retreat is always a lot of fun and a good time of fellowship. Also just around the corner is our DEWr’s weekend. May 30-June 1st. If you’re a DEWr be sure to come and enjoy the weekend with us. We will start Thursday night sitting around the fire sharing stories. Friday after breakfast we’re going on an adventure and will return to camp Friday evening. Saturday we will behanging around camp. All plans are not fnalized. We may have a train ride or a trip to the movies. Maybe it’ll be warm enough for Jolly Cone. If you’re a DEWr be sure to mark your calender, you don’t want to miss this weekend.

Not a DEWr? You can be for just over a Dollar Every Week. A Dewr is anyone who gives $ 75. or more to camp annually. Be a Dewr not a hearer only!

Camp week is fast approaching, we have several smaller jobs but our primary focus is on the mini golf course. Now is a good time for your group to schedule a weekend to come help get the grounds ready. There are always things to clean, paint, repair, move, trim or mow. We’re an equal opportunity camp ground. Every one has an equal opportunity to help!!!

Can’t make it to help? That’s OK, be a “pray-er.” Pray for our Evangelist Bro. Brad Banderman, our musicians, teachers, cooks, recreation help, sponsors, workers, campers, and for me. I truly need your prayers. Going to camp every weekend usually hauling something involves a lot of risk. Juggling family, church, work, camp and all the side things that comes with them becomes pretty stressful and trying at times.

Our theme this year, “Hills and Valleys” reminds us that God made the beauty around us and that He is God of the Hills and Valleys in life. We need that reminder often lest we think, “I can do this alone.”

-See ya at Camp
Chris Polk • PO Box 271 • Matthews MO 63867

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