What a great meeting!

The annual Missions Symposium of the BMA of Missouri met at Grandview Baptist Church in Springfield May 17th at 6:30 p.m. Pastor Gary Longstaff and Grandview Church in cooperation with our Missions Director had made preparation for this meeting and God blessed their efforts in a mighty way!
The atmosphere was comfortable, the music was uplifting, and the program participants were very inspirational. Many said this was one of the best symposiums we have had in a long time. Everyone seemed to be glad they were there. We did not count the attendance, but estimate there were 70 to 80 present from several of our churches.
Following some lively congregational singing, Pastor Longstaff extended a warm welcome to all present. Special singing was enjoyed at various times during the service and our three speakers challenged and blessed us with their excellent presentations illustrating the Symposium theme “The Privilege of Missions.”
Bro. Bill Hathaway, former missionary to Japan, blessed us with memories of planting churches in Japan for many years and how he has been “Enjoying Missions” for many years in Japan and is now enjoying working with a Japanese outreach at Grandview in Springfield.
Bro. Melvin Meade, former missionary to the Philippines, inspired us with a demonstration using some millstones he brought from the Philippines. He shared how he had many experiences in “Learning from Missions” including how the women had to daily grind corn for the meals they prepared. He gave some scriptural applications that caused us to look within ourselves and our relationship with God.
Bro. Dustin Wisely, missionary-elect to Columbia Missouri, endeared himself to us as he shared what he feels God wants him to do in Columbia as he looks forward to “Growing Through Missions” by depending on God’s faithfulness.
A spirit of renewal seemed to permeate our hearts as we left the service that night and looked forward to meeting for the mid-year meeting of the BMAMO the next morning.
Our heartfelt thanks to Grandview Church and each one who participated in the program and a special thanks to all who attended this meeting.
Let’s pray for the work of Missions in Missouri and look forward to reaping the harvest God has for us in our local churches across this state as we seek to do His Will.
Pray for the men who spoke to us about the “Privilege of Missions” as they are each still involved in the Lord’s Work!

by Jim Hoffmann, Mission Director

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