WORLD MISSIONS DAY February 23, 2020!

by John David Smith

World Missions Day is a significant event for BMA Missions as churches around the association pray and give a special offering to support our partnership in global missions. Pastor, this year I am personally asking if you will lead your church to prayerfully support global missions on World Missions Day with a special offering. BMA Missions – Your PARTNER in global missions. In the New Testament we get a picture of the early church and a multiplication movement that was fueled by missionary endeavors supported through the partnership of local churches. Partnership is at the heart of our missions philosophy. Here’s how it works: Local Churches are both the source (sending) AND the goal (planting) of missions.

BMA Missions provides the assessment, training, and support missionaries need for effective global ministry. U.S. Missionaries spread the gospel, make disciples, and plant churches around the world. ChangeMaker Missionaries are the product of our missions partnership. They are local missionaries planting churches in their native countries. We want to be YOUR partner! Will you help us send more missionaries to develop more disciples and train more local ChangeMaker missionaries to plant more churches so more people will hear the gospel? Register your church for World Missions Day 2020 at worldmissionsday/ and we will send your pastor a FREE rain jacket! (Read ChangeMakers story on Page 5.)


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