Report of 7th Annual Brotherhood Fall Retreat

by Dennis Baker, Brotherhood President

A total of eighteen men attended the Brotherhood Fall Retreat at Camp Garwood. Bro. Jason Redden, pastor of Emmanuel
Baptist Church, Sikeston, provided an excellent devotional concerning “Making Choices.” Jason also shared his personal testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.

Following the devotion, we were blessed by the testimonies of the men and boys who shared their experience of salvation. Some of the men were moved to tears as they shared what God has been doing in their life. Bro. Rick Garza provided us with three excellent meals. Friday menu was chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn on the cob. Saturday morning, we enjoyed eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy. For lunch we relished cheese burgers.

The annual archery competition seemed to be enjoyed by all the men. Even those who did not compete seemed to enjoy watching. The best overall score for the amateur level was Andrew Wilhing from Stony Point. The best overall score for the advanced level was Brian Vollersten, also from Stony Point. We are thankful for the financial support of those who attended. We received a total offering of $150.00. We are also thankful for the churches that regularly support this ministry. I personally enjoyed the beautiful weather and fellowship with my brothers in Christ. The life changing testimonies were a spiritual encouragement. Thank you, Bro. Garza for the wonderful meals. Bro. Rick Garza has posted several pictures of the retreat on Camp Garwood’s Facebook page

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