Opportunities For Service…. Your Help is Vital to the Ministry Of Camp Garwood!!

We had such a great time at the recent Renewal Weekend. Thanks to the State and Meramec Associations for sponsoring and Bro. Ben Kingston for planning it!

We LOOK FORWARD to the upcoming Men’s retreat May 3rd – 4th. I’m sure details will be included in this edition We hope to see a good crowd. The Men’s retreat is always a lot of fun and a good time of fellowship. Also just around the corner is our DEWr’s weekend. May 30-June 1st. If you’re a DEWr be sure to come and enjoy the weekend with us. We will start Thursday night sitting around the fire sharing stories. Friday after breakfast we’re going on an adventure and will return to camp Friday evening. Saturday we will behanging around camp. All plans are not fnalized. We may have a train ride or a trip to the movies. Maybe it’ll be warm enough for Jolly Cone. If you’re a DEWr be sure to mark your calender, you don’t want to miss this weekend.

Not a DEWr? You can be for just over a Dollar Every Week. A Dewr is anyone who gives $ 75. or more to camp annually. Be a Dewr not a hearer only!

Camp week is fast approaching, we have several smaller jobs but our primary focus is on the mini golf course. Now is a good time for your group to schedule a weekend to come help get the grounds ready. There are always things to clean, paint, repair, move, trim or mow. We’re an equal opportunity camp ground. Every one has an equal opportunity to help!!!

Can’t make it to help? That’s OK, be a “pray-er.” Pray for our Evangelist Bro. Brad Banderman, our musicians, teachers, cooks, recreation help, sponsors, workers, campers, and for me. I truly need your prayers. Going to camp every weekend usually hauling something involves a lot of risk. Juggling family, church, work, camp and all the side things that comes with them becomes pretty stressful and trying at times.

Our theme this year, “Hills and Valleys” reminds us that God made the beauty around us and that He is God of the Hills and Valleys in life. We need that reminder often lest we think, “I can do this alone.”

-See ya at Camp
Chris Polk • PO Box 271 • Matthews MO 63867

Director of Abortion Recovery Ministry Speaks at Jacksonville, College

BJ Garrett

January 23, the day after New York passed the Reproductive Health Act, BJ Garrett, Executive Director of Christ-centered Abortion Recovery & Education
(CARE), spoke in Chapel at Jacksonville College. As she addressed students, faculty, and sta?, BJ began to recount the
tragic story of her childhood: “When I was twelve years old, my mother sold me for a bag of groceries. I was being sex trafficked by my own mother before sex trafficking was a thing. When I was twelve years old, there had been so many men that had been given access to my body that I was basically a shell of a little girl. There was no real ‘me’ left at twelve years old.”

BJ felt like her life was out of control, and she made one terrible choice after another. Those choices led to four pregnancies, the frst when she was only fourteen years old. She kept two of the babies, Ashlei and Austin, but she had two abortions. She still struggles with the memories of her first abortion. She explained, “I can still feel today the pressure in my gut from me lying on that table and them ripping my child from my body. Every time I hear the sound of a vacuum cleaner or an air conditioner, I can hear the
sound of them literally taking the life of my child from my body. “It was horrendous.”

BJ then married a man who was an alcoholic. The marriage seemed unlikely to last, until BJ and her husband became Christians. “I cannot tell you what it was like for me to go from such ugliness and such brokenness to meeting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior,” she said. “He is the Healer of all things.”

BJ and her husband, Jay, have now been married for 21 years. The two have a daughter, Alex, who is attending Jacksonville College. Ashlei, BJ’s first child, is a Jacksonville College graduate. She is now 28 years old and is a beautiful reminder of how precious life is. Ashlei attended the January 23 Chapel service to support her mother.

When BJ became involved with CARE, she was able to talk about things from her past that she had kept hidden from even those closest to her, including her abortions. God used CARE to help her heal, and she is now able to o?er support to other women who are struggling with the same decisions she had to face. BJ explains, “CARE’s mission is to restore lives wounded by abortion and to educate the community of its consequences. In short, we minister to both men and women who are hurting from a past abortion experience. We help them understand the truth of abortion, and we o?er real help and resources for those facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy.”

In 2016, BJ accepted the position of Executive Director of CARE. She is also a graduate of the Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, and she welcomes opportunities to share her testimony of restoration and abortion recovery.

When asked for her response to New York’s Reproductive Health Act, BJ answered, “First, and most importantly, taking your child’s life at ANY stage of development comes with life altering, heartbreaking physical, mental, and spiritual consequences. I know this because I’ve made that choice not once, but twice. We have to educate our nation about the truth of abortion.

Second, full-term abortions are already legal in several states, and there are even nonprofts that raise money just to help women pay for and end their children’s lives. This is not new. New York just joined the list of these states. Heartbreaking? Yes, but I feel educating our communities and our nation is key to stopping the heartache caused by abortion.”

Jacksonville College’s stance on abortion is that human beings are created by God in His image; therefore, every person, from conception to natural death, possesses inherent dignity and immeasurable worth—including preborn children, elderly individuals, those with special needs, and others marginalized by society. Children, from the moment of conception, are a blessing and heritage from the Lord. Christians, then, are called to defend, protect, and value all human life.

New York’s Reproductive Health Act that legalizes even full-term abortions has signed into law on the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. JC President Mike Smith lamented, “Christians were asleep in 1973 when abortions became legal.” It is the prayer of Jacksonville College that Christians will wake up and support ministries like CARE that work with women who find themselves in “crisis pregnancies” and who help men and women who have suffered from the spiritual and emotional complications of abortion.

For more information about CARE, visit careabortionrecovery.com.

The Master Builder’s Retreat 2019

Master Builder's 2019The annual retreat for the Master’s Builders, was held on January 22nd -25th. For the first time, the Builders gathered at Daniel Dorm at Daniel Springs Encampment, in Gary, Texas. In April of last year, our men did some remodeling of the dorm and Daniel Springs can now offer a very nice facility for group gatherings. Bro. Jason Prewitt says the camp is “wide open” for large groups to enjoy. Daniel Dorm and Retreat Center offers sleeping quarters, a full kitchen, and a large multi-use room. The Master’s Builders will tell you that the facility is great for church groups, reunion, and retreats. You can contact Jason at 903-685-2433 or e-mail him at: jason@danielspringscamp.com. Several of our Builders remarked that this was the Best Retreat yet! We had 30 Builders who attended the retreat and stayed on the grounds and 1 couple from Lufkin, TX, who came to visit. We always enjoy our time together. We do a lot of eating, snacking, grazing, and game playing. We are happy to welcome a new couple into our group. Don and Pam Windam, of Fairfeld, TX, certainly ft right in to our fun group.

On Wednesday night, we had a special treat, as the Jacksonville College Choir, under the leadership of Bro. Randy Decker, came and fellowship with us and put on a great concert! Bro. Randy has asked each one of the students to greet new people and ask, “What’s your story?” And then to sit and listen and then share their story with them. What a GREAT dea!! This would be good for us all to do!! Step out of our comfort zone and make new friends! Bro. Randy, thank you for being a great music
leader and life leader WITH these students. He shared this thought with all of us, “We are not to be an in?uence by forcing someone to do something, or by doing something for them, but by doing something WITH them. While we were at Retreat, we learned of the death of our eldest Master’s Builder, Max Adams. He would have been 92 in a couple of months. Max lost his beloved wife, Wilma, last July and was certainly ready to be “home” with her and his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Please pray for his family, his church family at Wyatt Baptist, El Dorado, Arkansas, and his Master’s Builders family. We will all miss him and his whistling!

The Master’s Builders have a busy spring coming up. Plans are to be back at Daniel Springs in March, Kenwood Baptist, Siloam springs, Arkansas, in April, New Liberty, Emmet, Arkansas, in May, and Riverview Baptist, Fulton, Arkansas, in June. If you are near one of these jobs, come see us, we would love to meet you! If you have questions about the Master’s Builders ministry, or if your church has any building needs, please contact our Office Coordinator, Bro. John Mangum, at 318-202-5155 or (cell) 318-607-4100 or our Field Coordinator, Eddie Sikes, at 903-725-6549 or (cell) 479-462-1675. Keep up with us on Facebook. Rose Bittner does a fantastic job keeping everyone informed of all our goings on! Like us at “ The Master’s Builders” w/ (arbor logo).
Nelda Malone – Reporter

February 2019 – Mission Director’s Report

Now that things are starting to thaw and most activities are getting somewhat back to normal things are going to be very busy among our churches in Missouri. It is exciting to hear that a couple churches who have been searching for pastors have found someone to lead them and a few are having preachers in view of a call so that this time next month more might have pastors. It is also encouraging to know that some searching churches have found men who are willing to serve as interim pastors to help them have some form of continuity while they search for the man God wants to lead them. Amidst this encouraging news we are brought back to the reality that a pastor or two has resigned and other churches are searching for pastors to fll the vacancies. Please keep in mind that as director of Missions I constantly get calls from churches that are in need of pastors or who are looking for someone to “fll-in” during their search. Therefore, if you are available to pastor or fll-in please let me know so I can give your information to those who contact me, and I can publish your availability in this publication.
The joint meeting of the BMA of Missouri Special Missions Committee and the Missionary Committee of the Meramec Association was very positive as both associations are interested in helping support the planting of new churches in our state. We met with a prospective church planter and his pastor and were impressed with what God has laid on their hearts concerning the work in Missouri. Both committees are working to see just how we can join in this e?ort and we hope to have some ideas to share at our mid-year meeting in May of this year. Please keep praying for this effort. We are still praying for God to open doors and provide church planters all across Missouri as we know we need to be reaching more with the Gospel before the
Lord returns. I encourage Pastors and Pastoral Staff to do your best to attend the “Renewal Weekend” that we asked Bro. Ben Kingston to plan.

It will be the last weekend in March and, as you see from the information on the front page, it should be very helpful to all who attend. This is a time to not only learn from experienced men but also a great time to fellowship and encourage one another in the Lord’s work. It doesn’t cost you anything but your time, and God has already given that to you!! So use it wisely!

by James Hoffmann, Mission’s Director

World Missions Day 2019

World Missions Day Logo

World Missions Day in the Baptist Missionary Association of America is February 24, 2019. If your church has not made plans to participate in this special day go to bmamissions.org/woldmissionsday to register and to get ideas and materials to use for this special day. You can also email Paige West at page @ bmamissions.org or call the missions office at (501) 455-4977.

The Christmas Necktie

Bro Randy J. Zinn(The Legacy of Missionary Baptist Pastor W.S. Gordon Lives On )
by Melissia Zinn

A small band of Missionary Baptists gathered in Fifty-Six, AR, in August, 1935, and organized the Fifty-Six Missionary Baptist Church where years later an eleven-year-old boy, Randy J. Zinn (named for his two Godly grandfathers) would walk the aisle of the church and accept Jesus as his Savior. In September, 1935, one month after the organization of the church at Fifty-Six, another group of Missionary Baptists, led by Bro. W. S. Gordon, a preacher from Beebe, AR, convened in the small town of Kewanee, MO, to organize the Kewanee Missionary Baptist Church where years later an eight-year-old girl, Melissia Frances McVay (named for her two Godly grandmothers) would be led to Christ by her pastor during a revival service at the church.

Melissia ministered in the Batesville church for eight years before they were married. Over the years, Bro. Zinn has been privileged to return to Fifty-Six on many occasions to preach and he has been honored, also, to preach at Melissia’s home church in Kewanee numerous times. Both churches continue to minister passionately and effectively in their communities.

In 1998, the Zinns moved to Houston, MO, where Randy pastored Houston Baptist Church and worked at an elementary school to supplement his income. While at the school, he met a teacher introduced as Mr. Gordon. Christmas, 1999, Mr. Gordon, knowing that Randy was a pastor, graciously presented him with a Looney Tunes cartoon, Christmas necktie he proudly wears every Christmas.

This gesture sparked an in depth conversation between them and Bro. Zinn shared how his wife was from Kewanee. which piqued Mr. Gordon’s interest. He excitedly related how his father, Bro. W. S. Gordon, was the founding pastor of Kewanee Missionary Baptist Church, to which Bro. Zinn responded that Melissia’s grandfather, Joseph McVay, was a charter member and one of the first deacons of the church. Not only that, in addition to Melissia, her mother and all six of her siblings were saved at the church, her father already a member and the music director. Naturally, from this exchange, a warm friendship developed between them – an astounding 64 years after the organization of the Kewanee church.

The Zinns moved to Dustin, OK, in July, 2000, where he was pastor of the First Baptist Church for over twelve years. One day in the early 2000’s, they received their copy of The Missouri Missionary Baptist and immediately their attention was captured and their hearts saddened by the article announcing the home going of Pastor W. S. Gordon and listing, most fittingly, one of the musical presentations at his service as “Thank You for Giving to the Lord” written by Ray Boltz.

From 2013 to 2015, Bro. Zinn was privileged to pastor the Lighthouse Missionary Baptist Church of Malden, MO, a church started by their beloved Kewanee Missionary Baptist Church–and the legacy of Pastor W. S. Gordon continued to live on.

Today, Bro. Zinn and his wife, Melissia, live in Russell, AR. He pastors the Russell Missionary Baptist Church, just 33 miles from Beebe where the body of Pastor Gordon was laid to rest. The Zinns have only one thing to say, “Bro. Gordon, thank you so much for giving to the Lord, and thank you, Lord, for giving Bro. Gordon to our world for over 90 years.”

Fast-forward to 2018. Our very own BMAA’s current Executive Director of Missions and and long-time Missionary, Dr. John David Smith, is the son of Bro. Arthur Smith who was a two-time pastor of the Kewanee church. His mother, Shirlene, graduated valedictorian from Kewanee High. Dr. Smith’s grandmother, Ethel Hall, was a long-time, Godly and faithful member of Kewanee until her passing and his uncle, Danny Hall, is still an active and faithful member there. And–Pastor W. S. Gordon’s influence continues to touch lives ALL OVER THE WORLD. Praise the Lord! Dr. Smith has been the revival speaker at the church on several occasions.

(Dr. Smith’s aunt, Mary Lou Hall Edwards, was my closest friend throughout high school and still my dear friend today. Bro.Arthur Smith was my pastor during his first term at Kewanee.)

The Christmas Necktie

Bro Randy J. Zinn(The Legacy of Missionary Baptist Pastor W.S. Gordon Lives On )
by Melissia Zinn

A small band of Missionary Baptists gathered in Fifty-Six, AR, in August, 1935, and organized the Fifty-Six Missionary Baptist Church where years later an eleven-year-old boy, Randy J. Zinn (named for his two Godly grandfathers) would walk the aisle of the church and accept Jesus as his Savior. In September, 1935, one month after the organization of the church at Fifty-Six, another group of Missionary Baptists, led by Bro. W. S. Gordon, a preacher from Beebe, AR, convened in the small town of Kewanee, MO, to organize the Kewanee Missionary Baptist Church where years later an eight-year-old girl, Melissia Frances McVay (named for her two Godly grandmothers) would be led to Christ by her pastor during a revival service at the church.
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January 2019 – Mission Director’s Report

Happy New Year from Mary and I. Thank you for allowing me to serve you in this capacity and for supporting the BMA work in Missouri with your prayers, finances and loyalty to God. Things are looking good as we enter 2019 as far as the possibilities of seeing churches find pastors and the potential of planting a new church or two.

Pray for the Special Missions Committees of our State Association and the Meramec Association as they will have a joint meeting before you get this edition of the paper to discuss the possibilities in
our state. We desire to be sensitive to God’s leadership in all matters, including planting new congregations and strengthening those who are struggling.

Our offerings continue to be sufficient to meet present needs, but if we start supporting a missionary or two the needs will be greater and more churches will need to send regular offerings. Please pray for our host pastor and myself as we plan the program for our annual Missions Symposium for this May. Host Pastor is Bro. Gary Longstaff of Grandview Baptist Church in Springfield and the date is May 17 for the Symposium and May 18 for the Mid-Year Meeting of our Association. Our annual meeting will be October 12 at Bethel Baptist Church in Sikeston.

I believe it is Scriptural for Churches to work together and God will bless our efforts if we are willing to cooperate with one another and support each other as we labor for the Lord. It seems to be an accepted practice today for pastors and churches to be self-centered and not put our much effort to work together. Let’s work to change this and see how God will bless if we let Him! If you have any suggestions for a program for the Missions we would love to hear from you, but we need your suggestions soon as we need to contact speakers and other who might be involved and give them plenty of time to adjust their schedules and prepare their parts. Hopefully, by February 15th we can have a program prepared and make the necessary contacts. Thanks for any input you can give us about this matter.

A Word About the Article “A Christmas Tie” I hope you have already read this article, if not stop and read it now. This came to me too late for the December issue so I have included it in this issue in an effort to inspire us to focus on the far reaching results of doing God’s will.

When I was a young boy Bro. W. S. Gordon was pastor of Chambers Park Church in St. Louis which is now Lindsay Lane Baptist Church in Florissant. Sometimes we forget we are involved in work that LASTS. Let’s do our BEST!

December 2018 – Mission Director’s Report

I hope each of you had a blessed Thanksgiving and were able to take time to think of all the ways God blesses us as we serve Him. Giving thanks causes us to be blessings to others and help bring glory to God! As we approach the celebration of Christ’s Birth we are made to realize how thankful we should be for God’s mercy and grace as He sent His Son to provide the
way for our sins to be forgiven through His death and Resurrection.

This thankfulness should lead us to faithful service each day of our lives. My wife and I visited the morning service of Oak Hill Baptist Church in Alton, MO November 18th. We had never been to Oak Hill and enjoyed being there and hearing Pastor Edward Casey bring an inspiring message and getting acquainted with the good folks under his leadership.They are doing a great work there and are good supporters of our state work. We were impressed with their hospitality. We also visited the morning service at Stony Point Baptist Church in Mineral Point November 25th. You could sense excitement in this service as Bro. Claude preached a challenging message and the good people in the congregation paid close attention. They invited us to
stay for lunch and we would have loved to stay and enjoy their fellowship but we had a funeral to attend and had to leave right after the service was over. This church is also a good supporter of our state work and are reaching souls in their area.

I continue to work a Sunday or two each month with the Temple Baptist Church in Belgrade and are encouraged by the faithfulness of this small congregation as they seek a pastor. We appreciate the preachers who are helping out by flling the
pulpit each month and we ask you to pray for them as they seek someone to lead them on a permanent basis. Also remember to pray for all our churches who are searching for pastors.

Your BMAMO Special Missions Committee and the Meramec Association Missionary Committee are praying for God to lead someone
to plant a church in Missouri. There are some things happening that encourage us in this endeavor and we hope it will not be long until we can see God answering that prayer. You are encouraged to join us in praying each day for God to guide our associations.

Thank you for your support of Missions and for the encouragement you give us. May each of our Churches have a Blessed Christmas and experience growth in all areas of ministry.

by James Hoffman, Missions Director

Renewal Retreat March 29-30, 2019 at Camp Garwood

Greetings to the Pastors and Pastoral Sta? of the BMA of Missouri and all local associations,

If you are a Pastor or Associate Pastor in a BMA church in Missouri I am desperately asking you to set aside the last weekend of March 29-30, 2019 for our Renewal Retreat at Camp Garwood. The details are still being hammered out, but I am begging
you to put these dates in stone please, to protect them and consider yourself obligated for that weekend that only death, severe sickness, or the rapture will deter you from coming.

Why, you might ask, is this so important? Well, brethren, it’s been a long time since we of the BMA Sate work have considered ourselves as “setting the woods on fre” for the Glory of the Lord. And I know that all of us would like to see that changed.
This is a joint effort fnanced by the BMA of MO and the Meramec Associations. So please invest your time and effort in the Association by making this Renewal Retreat a priority.

Thank you so much! More details will be forth coming in future papers.

Ben Kingston, Retreat Director

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