Greetings From Garwood

Ahhh Springtime! It’s the time of year all of Gods critters get busy. And so do we! Work has begun on the new dorm. Hopefully we can send some pictures next month. We are working on the directors apartment. We’ve also done some work on the paintball area preparing for our retreat this weekend.

Looking back, We had such a wonderful time at the Renewal Retreat. I believe it was helpful for all who attended. It certainly was for me. Thanks to Bro. Ben Kingston and all that helped.

Looking forward we are expecting another great Men’s retreat May 12th-13th. Please encourage your men to attend this retreat, and bring the boys (young men) with them. We always have a great time of fellowship. It’s Spring so we will have skeet shooting, Door prizes and Lots of food.

Ladies don’t forget! The GMA retreat is July 7-8. For more information concerning this retreat or if you would like to help. Please contact Shelia Polk 573-380-4064.

As Spring gives way to Summer we will try to get camp ready early this year. There are always little jobs that get pushed back until camp week. I can’t do that this year. Due to a con?ict at work I am unable to get o? for camp week. Not to worry though, my trusty assistant is on board and ready to take my place. I’m really hoping to make it over for the evening services. We have plenty of time, 18 Saturdays to be exact!

There’s a ton of stuff happening at camp this year. Not one but two super men of God! Shawn Hammontree and his son-in-law Jordan Bowen will be there. Not one but two great worship groups. The Harpers you all know and love and Central Baptist Church/Conway’s youth band, Crossroads is coming to help with filling in the gap after evening services. They will also be helping with some of the recreation activities. But that’s not all, We are working on train cars to haul 35-40 people around camp. But wait! No really, you have to wait. Because, Sorry I can’t give any details yet. But it’s gonna be Gggreat! I’m really excited about this year’s camp. AND I CANT GO! (Yes, I’m crying just a little)

As I was typing this I received the proofs for our promotion posters. Looks good! They will be included in the packets that should be mailed in early May. Be sure to get your adults screened. Everyone 18 and over has to complete the form every year. It’s not too early go ahead and get it out of the way.

Chris Polk
P.O. Box 271 • Matthews MO 63867

Report to Our Churches about The Renewal Retreats

This is a report of our two Renewal Weekend meetings that took place March 10th – 11th at the Meramec Retreat Center and March 17th – 18th at Camp Garwood. Both were well attended, each having 11-14 Pastors at each meeting. Some could not stay for the entire meeting, thus the discrepancy in the number. I do want to thank all the Pastors that were able to be present and humbly beg those that were not able, to please
make plans to attend the next one when it is announced.

The spirit of both meetings was tremendous. I was asked if I would give a report, thus the article you have before you.

Nineteen years ago, when God brought me back to Bethel, I came back not only with a burden for Bethel, but also for the local and state associations that she was a part of. These two meetings were a culmination of that burden.

My Father taught me that, associationally we can do more together than we can do apart. I truly believe that still today.

There were 11 elements to go over in the booklet we used. It was made clear to everyone to come with no expectations and with a humble spirit. That request was beautifully carried out.

These are the 11 elements:
1) Sharing personal history and ministry
2) Healing possible fractures
3) Connectedness
4) Association core values
5) Non-negotiables
6) Confict resolution
7) Association focus
8) State VS. Meramec (Yes, we went there)
9) Reaching out to the churches not there
10) A possible strategy to reach Missouri
11) Where to from here

Now, you may look at that and say, “Wow! They got a lot done.” You would not be wrong; just probably not in the way you are thinking. You see, those elements are the areas we must deal with and hammer out. However, I assure you, one 13-hour retreat is not going to allow enough time to exhaust those areas.

So, what did we accomplish? At both retreats we spent the entire Friday evening on the 1st element (Sharing personal history and ministry). Those men shared from their hearts. It was heartbreaking and glorious to hear where they come from and how God has richly blessed them. Hear me, please: your Pastors love the churches to which they have been called.

Next, we enjoyed enriching discussions on our core values and how we can stay better connected.

Just a note on element 8: Both retreat participants shared their absolute desire for past wrongs to be forgiven and forgotten on both sides. So that everyone knows, I purposefully planned the retreats separately not to continue the division, but to give us our space and freedom to speak openly about ending the division and received unanimous approval to bury past wrongs and unite for the greater glory of God. Thus, when we have a “Renewal” Retreat again, it will be as a whole state association because the Meramec is a local association and we know that.

Is it wrong for each local association to have their own retreats? Absolutely not, and I greatly encourage it for fellowships and strategy. But as far as state association renewal, we will be doing it together from this point forward. That was the plan all along. If you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to call me at (636) 629-2526.

I look forward to God’s blessings upon the state and local associations of Missouri and her churches, to the glory of His Name.

by Ben Kingston

April 2017 – Assistant Mission Director’s Report

The Pastor and Sta? Renewal Retreats at Camp Garwood and Richwoods Retreat Center were great and we look forward to combined Retreat sometime in the future. Please read the article about the Mission Symposium and Mid-Year BMA of MO meetings and make plans to attend all sessions and bring a generous o?ering to apply to our goal of $5,000.

Each pastor and church needs the support and fellowship of other pastors and churches and these meetings give each of us the opportunity to have many needs met, but we must attend and participate to get
the benefits we need.

I hope many go to the National Meeting in Arlington May 1-3 and the State Meeting in DeSoto May 19-20.

by James Hoffmann

Scientific Proof That Evolution is Impossible

by Ray Lambright • Creation Ministries of Humble
2838 Pheasant Run • Humble, Texas 77396

As pointed out in previous articles, the Theory of Evolution suffers many insurmountable obstacles for a thinking individual. There is no trace of it ever happening in the Fossil Record nor is it happening today. Therefore I think it is only fair to ask, “is it even possible?” The gaps in the fossil record are serious enough to doom evolution, but there is another nail for the coffin even more menacing to this indefensible fable, and that is the origin of life.

There is an absolute scientific law called Biogenesis, which states that life comes only from life, and can only come for ancestors who have a similar genetic make-up. Evolution requires that life “evolved” from nonliving material. In this article we will discuss the probability of this happening by chance in some long-ago primeval ocean or swamp. After all, if life evolved from inorganic material, this is where it must have came from.

We will examine a few of the requirements for life to have evolved from inorganic material, but first, let’s scrap the term “simple life.” There is no such thing. Secondly, let’s not equate chemical compounds as being life. They are essential, but without a program designed for each cell, the chemicals would just be lifeless globs.

When we hear that water must have been present on Mars, modern day scientist get very excited. However, you could have all the water and chemicals and compounds necessary for life, but you would still not have life Each living cell must be programmed to reproduced itself, or it would be sustained for only one generation. We must ask, “Where did the programs come from?” Inorganic material, such as chemical compounds are necessary, but they are mindless. Unless they have a self-replicating program, it is but a mass of lifeless matter.

On pages 234 and 235 of the “Biblical Basis For Modern Science,” Henry Morris shows the absurdity of evolution by using mathematical probability. He concludes it is impossible for life to have evolved based on his calculations. We learned in Biology 101 that enzyme is unique for a specific type of cell and will not work in other types of cells. They are absolutely essential to life.

What are the chances they evolved from an inorganic soup? Fred Hoyle, an English scientist who is not a creationist, has calculated the chances at less than one in 1,040,000. This is a number that is totally impossible. For probability to be considered zero, the odds only have to be 1050. The genetic code is another problem for evolutionists. The code for each individual is specified by its parents, and there
is not other way it can happen. But how did the whole process start? The only convincing answer is Special Creation. The law of Cause and Effect we discussed in the first article states, “Each effect has a preceding cause which is greater than it is.”

This is the exact opposite of evolution which postulates that each species promotes itself and is getting more complex as time goes by. However we know this is not happening. Another problem for evolutionists is the amino acids in living forms. They come in right-handed and left-handed orientations in respect to their optical activity, and each is equally probable. However, in living organisms they are all left-handed. Does this indicate there was a “design” for life? If so, there must have been a designer. One other interesting fact about amino acids racemic (become again equally probable), and gradually decay until they are all equally right-handed and left-handed. Does this demonstrate intelligent design or random chance? What do you think?

Many other problems exists for the theory of evolution in the origin of life. The present atmosphere, free oxygen (water vapor, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen) would preclude life from evolving. It would kill all simple organisms as soon as they were formed. You would need to have a “reducing atmosphere” (methane, ammonia, hydrogen, water vapor), with no ultraviolet rays, in order for life to evolve. In addition to the
fact that there is no proof that such an atmosphere ever existed, it has a terminal problem.

If life did evolve, it could not continue without oxygen and the rays from the sun to promote photosynthesis. So with oxygen evolution is dead, without oxygen evolution is dead. I hope you can see by now that the Theory of evolution is a fantasy, promoted by pseudo-scientists to promote a Godless agenda. Who would have the most to gain by this? Who was the first being to say he was above God a try to take control? Note in Isaiah 14:14, “I will ascent above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High” Who is the subject of this verse? Look in verse 12 for the answer; Isaiah 14:12, :How art thou fallenfrom heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!”

Satan has been deceiving man from the beginning. The deception has always begun by trying to make man believe he is equal or superior to God (Genesis 3:5). Modern day evolutionists promote humanism which is an extension of the lie started in the Garden of Eden.

I hope we can say as David did in Psalm 139:14, “I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are your works, and that my soul knoweth very well.” Nature, true science, and God’s Word declare the same thing. The whole universe is “fearfully and wonderfully made” by the creator, which is none other than our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ (John 1:3)

Finally, a quote from a devout evolutionist, Leslie E. Ortel in the Scientific American (volume 27, October, 1974, p. 78): “It is extremely improbable that proteins and nucleic acids, both of which are extremely complex, arose spontaneously in the same place at the same time. Yet it also seems impossible to have one without the other. And so, at first glance, one might have to conclude that life could never, in fact, have originated by chemical means.” Amazingly, in spite of recognition of these facts, Dr. Ortel
still believes it happened. As Duane Gish has said, “It’s incredible what one has to believe to be an unbeliever.”

Moral Action Goals 2017

Dr. John M. Adams, Executive Director
It is the Moral Action ministry goals:

  1. To be in the center of God’s will with this Agency,
  2. To present Jesus Christ as the Savior of all who will
    call upon Him,
  3. To encourage the B.M.A. family to daily intercede for the President of the U.S.A. and his cabinet that they may live for God,
  4. To contact (at least) 4 new U.S. Senators and 4 new U.S. Congressmen in D.C. in 2017,
  5. To continue visiting and acquainting myself with our B.M.A. State works and Capitols (Jackson, Little Rock, Austin, Oklahoma City, Baton Rouge, Jefferson City, Tallahassee, etc.)
  6. To have Godly boldness in speaking up for moral values that are so needed today, and that it may encourage Godly and biblical legislation,
  7. To continue the “God and Country” rallies upon invitation,
  8. And to be an encourager for our B.M.A. churches, pastors, associational workers, and staff workers to stand in this sinful and diverse world.

We humbly ask for your prayers and financial support for Moral Action in 2017. We take the scriptures of II Chronicles 7:14 as our guide.

BMAA Seminary Offers FREE Online Class

Registration for the free online class for spring is now available.

  • So you are a new church worker, a new deacon, a new Sunday School teacher, a new youth worker, or any newly selected worker in your church. You feel you are in need of more information and study of the Scriptures to help you do your work.
  • Here is the FREE course you have been looking for. Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary is providing you a FREE course this Spring. All you need to do is sign up at the seminary website, purchase the book and begin your eight-week study of the New Testament.
  • What is the course about? Glad you asked that question. Here is a brief synopsis: This course is a survey of the entire New Testament. The general background, authorship, and content of the various books of the New Testament are covered. The life and work of Jesus, the organization of churches and early missionary enterprises are especially stressed.
  • Your place in this class is waiting for you. Class will begin on or about February 1, 2017.
  • TEXTBOOKS: (Textbooks required)
    The Holy Bible-Student selected English translation
    Encountering the New Testament, 2nd edition Walter A. Elwell and Robert W. Yarbrough, Baker Books, ISBN 0801021561 (any edition new or used) (Text outline used by permission of Contracts and
    Permissions, Baker Publishing Group.)

    Supplemental atlas suggested (not required): Holman Bible Atlas, Broadman and Holman Publishers, ISBN

  • Please follow the link below to fill out the registration form.
  • You may also contact the Seminary by phone: 903-586-2501/1-800-259-5673

    Lisa Satterwhite, Dean’s
    Dr. Philip Attebery, Dean

Annual Meeting Women’s Missionary Auxiliary of the Baptist Missionary Association of Missouri

The Missouri State WMA meeting will be Saturday, March 4, 2017 starting at 10:00 a.m. We will be meeting
with Kewanee Missionary Baptist Church in Kewanee, MO.

The WMA project this year has been:
40% Missouri Missionary Baptist Paper,
30% Andy Lahmann Work Fund,
20% General Fund and
10% Youth.

Bro. Dan Wisely will be bringing the annual message. Each church can have three messengers. Ladies, come out and participate and see what your local auxiliaries have done in the past year and help in making plans for the State auxiliary in the coming year.

Be in prayer for our President, Juanita May, as she prepares to lead the meeting and be in prayer for our Second Vice President, Janet Widger, as she is preparing the program for the meeting this year.

Norma Womble, WMA Secretary

From Some of Our BMAA Missions Family

Merry Christmas from the Kakilalas in the Philippines
“In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” I Thessalonians 5:18.

Thanksgiving is not a Filipino holiday to celebrate but it truly is a beautiful way to usher in the Christmas season. The Conversational English class is learning some American culture to broaden their perspective on life. The Filipinos love to wear t-shirts with logos and saying. One popular design here
is the Nike symbol. The kids have learned that a common saying associated with the Nike symbol is, “Just Do It.” In the Bible there are many occasions when God gives a command and the people have a choice to make. Now the children are quick to say “Just Do it!!!” Another term the children have come to recognize is WWJD. The new converts are encouraged to ask themselves, “What Would Jesus Do?” We are trying to equip the children with things to help them in their daily walk.

Ministry includes so many things. It is being a broken vessel that God can use. He has given us the privilege to encourage a sister church in Bacolod on their Thanksgiving service. God gives us opportunity on a daily basis to help the children with physical needs by mending their torn clothes, giving new
clothes when needed, and also providing the children with snacks that they love. It is our joy to hear their voices sing out praise songs they learn that are sure to carry them through the hard times of life.

December 10th the Conversational English Class had a Christmas program to share with the parents the things they have learned in the last few months. Certificates were given to those who mastered the 10 Commandments and/or the Books of the Bible. Those who mastered both were also given a Bible. A Spiritual Birth Certificate was given to each one who prayed to accept Christ and now have two birthdays, their
physical birth and their spiritual birth!

Just recently a group of teens came to our house for a meeting as a result of their door to door caroling. This seems like a promising opportunity. We are hoping to yield fruit from the parents that came for the Christmas program. Please join us in praying that God’s Spirit will draw these people to the
precious gospel.

We truly appreciate all the prayers for our recent health concerns. We are still waiting for results.


Servants of our Lord,
Fil & Lisa and Justine Kakilala

January 2017 – Assistant Mission Director’s Report

It was a joy to visit with and preach to the faithful folks at Berean Baptist Church in Festus the second
Sunday in December. They have been without a pastor for quite some time but are faithfully searching and praying for the man God has for them. Our hearts are stirred as we see churches struggling to find leadership in these days when it is so important. January 1st we were blessed to preach at Loyalty Church in Sparta, IL as Pastor Tom Foster was away visiting family over the holidays. It was great to meet
new people and to renew our fellowship with some of their members we have met a Camp Garwood in the last
few years. They are building a new house of worship and are trying to “pay-as-you-go” to avoid being in debt when it is finished. It looks great on the outside and they are trying to get the inside finished
as soon as possible. If you can do Sheetrock finishing, painting and other finishing work and could help them it would be greatly appreciated. I am sure they would accept financial donations for materials also!
It is good to read the reports of how God is blessing many of our churches and we need to encourage one another as we have opportunity.

Pray for Bro. Ben Kingston and help him in any way you can, as he plans the Renewal Retreat that will be at Camp Garwood March 17-18, 2017. I encourage all our preachers, pastors, and pastoral staff to make a special effort to meet at Camp Garwood for this special time that can and will make a difference in our ministries.

Watch for more details next month, but mark your calendar and be there March 17-18. There are no fees to pay, so money should not keep you away. There will be good food for all, so that should not be an excuse. There are comfortable accommodations available, just bring sleeping bags, covers, pillows, and linens, or let some of us know and we will bring some for you, so that should not be an excuse. The date is announced with plenty of time to set it aside and not let anything short of an emergency keep you from being there.
Don’t let any excuse keep you away Remember: an excuse is something you use when you don’t have a reason!!
We look forward to a great time of fellowship, challenge, inspiration, and many other things to enhance the work of our churches in Missouri!

2016 Missouri ALIVE Conference

What A GREAT Meeting

by Brad Banderman, Bethel Baptist Church, Lonedell

The Alive Conference was held this year at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Chesterfild Mo. The conference
attendance was 284 with 16 churches represented. The speaker this year was Brad Russell the College Pastor
at the First Baptist Church in Arnold Mo. He presented 4 messages that took us all to a deeper understanding of God’s Grace. We were lead in worship and taught some new songs by Summer Hill from City Church in Conway Arkansas. Recreation this year took place in the Athletic Club that is attached to the hotel. From 10 p.m. til 1 a.m. we enjoyed dodgeball, racquetball, walleyball, tennis, swimming, knockerball, and basketball and devoured 115 Papa Johns Pizzas and hundreds of sodas. We were all amazed by the Illusions our entertainer Zac Mirzadah demonstrated, and the inspiring testimony of his conversion from Islam to becoming a Christian. I closed the conference by thanking those who lead and organized the
event, but forgot to ask how many professions of faith were made, but the altar was used heavily in all the sessions. If you as a church have never taken students to the Alive conference you are truly missing a blessing.

The Alive Committee would ask that you consider bringing your students to the next conference that will be held during Christmas break 2017.

Churches Present for the Alive Conference 2017

First Baptist Church – Matthews, MO / First Baptist Church – Potosi, MO / First Baptist Church – Sikeston,
MO / First Baptist Church – Bourbon, MO / Friendship Baptist Church – St. Clair,MO / Bethel Baptist Church Lonedell, MO / Bethel Baptist Church – Sikeston, MO / Black River Baptist Church – Qulin, MO / Lost Creek Baptist Church – Potosi, MO / Ozark Heights Baptist Church – Potosi, MO / Lindsey Lane Baptist Church –
Florissant, MO / New Hope Baptist Church – St. Clair, MO / Straightway Baptist Church – Steelville, MO /
White Oak Grove Baptist Church – Potosi, MO / Kewanee Baptist Church – New Madrid, MO / Bates Creek Baptist Church – Potosi, MO

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