93rd Annual Session of the BMA of Missouri

9:00 a.m. October 10, 2020, the officers of the Baptist Missionary Association of Missouri met with church messengers and some visitors at Zion Missionary Baptist Church in south St. Louis for the 93rd annual meeting of the association.

Bro. Van Widger led the congregation in singing “What a Friend we Have in Jesus” with Sis. Norma Womble playing the piano.

Host Pastor, Dennis Baker, welcomed those present and introduced Bro. Chris Polk who brought a devotional entitled “Trouble and Faith Go Hand in Hand,” using I Corinthians 4:1-12 as his text.

Moderator Ben Kingston asked the messengers to stand and declared the meeting in order to transact any business that claims our attention. He then called for a preliminary report of the enrollment committee. This report showed there were 27 churches represented by 26 messengers and three churches represented by letter only. A total of $1,807.00 had been given for clerk hire and printing of the Minutes. There was one petitionary letter presented. Westview Baptist Church in Jefferson City petitioned for membership in the BMA of Missouri, a motion and second was made and passed by the messengers. The moderator asked Bro. James Hoffmann to extend the hand of fellowship to the pastor and two other messengers of Westview in behalf of the state association.

The moderator called for the Publication Committee Report. Committee chairman, Bro. Don Burke gave the report which recommended the following: Re-elect Bro. James Hoffmann as Editor; re-elect Bro. Don Burke as assistant Editor; retain the Editor’s salary at $800. month, with half of that amount designated as business expenses; and that we give a Christmas gift of a month’s salary to the editor.

Bro. Hoffmann gave the editor’s report. Both reports were approved by the messengers.

Bro. Chris Polk gave the Camp Report (see page 7). A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept this report and commend Bro. Chris and the Camp Committee for their decision to cancel the 2020 Camp, and that we pay the balance owed on the camp’s loan and pay their insurance for 2020-2021.

Bro. Don Adams, clerk of the BMAMO Loan Association, gave the committee report. Bro. Dennis Baker, Director of the Loan Association gave his report with his and the committee’s recommendations (see Page 6). These reports were approved by the messengers.

Due to the absence of the President of the Alive Committee, the Moderator called for Bro. Brad Banderman, a Alive Committee member to give this committee’s report.

Bro. Banderman reported that the 2020 Alive Student Conference for students in grades 6 through 12 is schedule for December 28-30, 2020 at the Doubletree Hotel and Conference Center in Chesterfield again this year with Bro. Tony Crocker as the speaker. For more details go to alivestudentconference.com.

Bro. James Hoffmann gave the Kenneth Gibson Seminary Student Grant Fund report noting that there was no income or expenditures in this department since last year. The balance on hand remains at $12,112.99.
The State Brotherhood financial report was read by Bro. Roy Callahan with President Dennis Baker making comments about the annual meeting which was at Ohlman, Bunker.

Sis. Sharon Page, State

WMA President read her report of the Annual WMA meeting at Ohlman,Bunker.

Ben Kingston, Director of our State Renewal Retreat for pastors and pastoral leaders, spoke about the disappointment in not having the retreat in 2020, but assured us that he is planning one for early next year and will announce more about it through the Missouri Missionary Baptist. The messengers approved that the BMAMO will pay 1/2 of the expenses of this retreat which is a joint effort with the Meramec Association. Watch for more details.

Bro. Charley Holmes, President of the BMA Seminary and Director of Baptist Publications spoke to us about the need for support for various projects to help our pastors and leaders as well as those in foreign countries, The messengers approved spending $5,000 to help in these projects that will profit all our work.
The Moderator recessed the normal business meeting which opened the time for our Missionary Committee to meet. Missionary Committee chairman, Bro. Claude Evans called the meeting to order. There were 15 committeemen present. The Special Missions Committee submitted their recommendations (see Page 8) which were approved by the Missionary Committee and eventually by the messenger body.

With the approval of these recommendations Bro. Ben Kingston is now serving as our State Missions Director. Please note below that Missions Offerings need to be sent to a new address because we will be using a different bank in a different location.

As our business was drawing to a close, Moderator Kingston called for a final report of the enrollment committee. There was a total of 25 churches represent at the meeting with 45 messengers present and 3 churches who represented by letter only. A total of $2,050 was received for Minute Fund and Clerk Hire.

Bro. Jerry Adams was elected as Moderator, with Bro. Ben Kingston elected as Assistant Moderator, Bro. Don Burke as Clerk and Bro. Matt Bolen as Assistant Clerk.

The messengers voted to have our Mid-year Meeting and Missions Symposium at New Testament Baptist Church in Sullivan. The dates are May 14th for the Symposium and May 15th for the Semi-annual meeting.

They also voted to have the annual meeting at Faith Baptist Church in St. Charles. It will take place October 9th.

The resolutions Committee for next year is Bro. Matt Bolen, Bro. Benjamin Kingston, and Bro. Michael Hearst.

The messengers and officers gave a rising vote of appreciation to Pastor Dennis Baker and Zion Baptist Church for doing an excellent job of hosting this meeting under the difficult circumstances. We appreciate their hospitality.

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