February 2021 – Mission Director’s Report

A Page From My Heart….

As you know, we have passed motions in both the Meramec Association and the BMA of MO to support Bro. Juan Fernandez as a North American missionary in the St. Louis region. We are not the lead in this effort, but God has used the fact that we are in a healthy financial situation to get this ministry started. Bro. Juan is excited to get started and so are we!

The Meramec Advisory Committee and Bro. Hoffmann met with Bro. Juan for prayer during his forty days of prayer campaign, Thursday, January 28th. It was a joy to hear what was going on and to pray for him and his family. He has joined Bethany Baptist Church and they have voted to allow him to use their building as home base. The hope is to build small Bible study groups in the area and eventually start holding services in the basement of the church. Bethany has wonderful facilities, and we are so appreciative of them assisting Bro. Juan in this effort. I know they are excited, also.

Bro. Juan received His citizenship last week, and we congratulate Him for that tremendous achievement! He has expressed a desire for anyone in our work that has contact with Hispanics to please get their contact information to him so he can begin building bridges with them for the Gospel’s sake. Currently, Bro. Juan is looking for people to reach in the St. Louis region, but I know He is open to any contacts. You can call or text those to Bro. Juan (618-581-8056) or myself (636-629-2526).

Please pray for Juan and his family as they dive into this wonderful ministry.

P.S. The following is from Bro Juan himself:
Hi! I’d like to add two items: By God’s grace this 2/8/21 my wife and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary and this new stage of 40 days of prayer and evangelism prayers will be for protection and guidance as we will be knocking on doors in the neighborhood around to share the gospel from 2/1 to 3/12 This stage starts today. Also, we have a page in Facebook to connect with our Hispanic friends: Ministerio para familias hispanas en Missouri.
Thank you, brother!!
Amen, Bro Juan!

So, if you will, dear reader, read this next part as a prayer:
Dear Father, you know and see the requests that are listed here from Brother Juan. We’re praying first of all, that you would continue to bless the marriage and this family as they join hands and arms together in this ministry to reach the Hispanic community, and anyone that You bring them to, for Your glorious gospel. We pray for protection as they knock on doors and as they share your gospel in these next 40 days and beyond. We pray that you will give them souls for their labors and give them additional laborers to help in this effort. We ask all these things in your Son’s holy and precious name, Amen.

Bro. Ben, BMA of MO Missions Director

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