Recommendations 93rd Annual Meeting of BMA of Missouri

Recommendations of the Special Missions Committee
The Special Missions Committee of the BMA of Missouri met September 9, 2020 at Perryville, MO. The following recommendations were approved to submit to the Missionary Committee of the BMA of MO for consideration at the annual meeting October 10, 2020 at Zion Baptist Church in St. Louis.

  1. We recommend Bro. Ben Kingston serve as the Missions Director at a salary of $650 a month with $200 of that designated for clerical help.
  2. We recommend Bro. Don Burke serve as Assistant Director of Missions.
  3. We recommend that outgoing Director, Bro. James Hoffmann, be paid $600 a month to assist (train) Bro. Kingston for a three-month transition period starting in October 2020.

Recommendations of the Loan Association Committee
The Loan Association Committee met at the Grecian Steak Hose in Sikeston September 5, 2020 and offers the following recommendations for your consideration at our annual meeting October 10:2020.

  1. We recommend that the BMA of Missouri show our appreciation to Bro. David Griggs by giving him a $1000 love offering and a Certificate of Appreciation for his faithful service as Treasurer and that we continue to pray for his health and well being.
  2. We recommend that this body give a standing vote of appreciation to Bro. Dennis Baker for his outstanding service especially during this past year.
  3. We recommend that the By-laws of the Loan committee under section I – Purpose Item 2 be changed to “Loans to established Baptist Missionary Association of Missouri churches for maintenance, remodeling, repairs, and new construction of buildings used for worship and education. Loans are subject to a negotiated interest rate with a loan limitation of $50,000 and payment terms no greater than ten (10) years. Loans must be secured with a Quick-Claim Deed of Trust that states, “If the church defaults on the loan, the church ceases to exist, or the church ceases to be a member in good standing with the Baptist Missionary Association of Missouri or its successors, the ownership of the property and buildings described on the Deed of Trust will be transferred to the ownership of the Baptist Missionary of Association of Missouri. It shall be the responsibility of the borrower to maintain the property and buildings and to provide liability and property Insurance that includes the Baptist Missionary Association of Missouri as lender.”

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