The Master’s Builders Work in Arkansas

September 14th, the Master’s Builders began work at New Liberty Baptist in Emmet, Arkansas. This job was originally scheduled for May, but because of Covid 19, it was postponed. New Liberty had torn down their old building, which housed their sanctuary, and had poured a slab for the new 86 X 44 /3,800 square foot building. They were really needing our help. There were 12 Master’s Builders from 5 states ready to start the build. Each morning we started the day with a devotional and prayer.

The build went well and progress was made until there was a long delay in getting the decking put on the building and tropical storm “Beta” arrived. Our men kept working on interior jobs during the small breaks in the rain. Finally the rain ended, deckers arrived and work continued. The Master’s Builders plan to return October 19th to try to finish the rest of their part of the sanctuary.

The Master’s Builders worked at Emmet seven years ago on a fellowship hall and classrooms. We all looked forward to coming back because of the wonderful fellowship we enjoyed with this sweet church. Pastor James Cox and wife Carol are so special to us all and getting to be with many of the members we met seven years ago was so much fun. There were new faces too and it looks like we may need to come back before long and enlarge the new building! Praise the Lord!!

Much love to our New Liberty Church family. Thank you does not say enough to ALL who took such good care of us while we were there. I don’t want to miss anybody, so I won’t try to name all of you, but you know who you are. Just know we love you and appreciate all you did for us.

While we were at New Liberty, the ladies of the Master’s Builders worked on their Christmas Shoe boxes for Everlasting Smiles. We were a little late getting them to Conway, but Covid has slowed down a lot of projects. Also, we took a day to visit over at WE ARE FREE, Hebron Hills, to see all that has been done since our last time there.

I sometime list upcoming projects for the Master’s Builders, but I’ve learned this can change, so we’ll wait and see what the Lord has for us!

Remember, if you have any questions about the Master’s Builders Ministry or if your church has building needs, you can contact Eddie Sikes at (479)462-1675 or Mike Green (972)935-3877 or David Axe at (903)918-0720

The Master’s Builders Work in Arkansas

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