2020 Camp Garwood Canceled

The camp committee met tonight with Bro Matt and myself to discuss options for this years camp. After prayer and discussion it was unanimously decided that we can not in good conscience have camp.

We discussed options on serving food. Options on thinning the tabernacle. But the real problem comes down to the packed dorms. If we are still trying to practice social distancing we can’t pack the dorms full of kids each night.
We discussed options to thin the camp numbers, but that presents its own set of problems.

Another problem in the decisions of this year are with food availability and costs. I know this decision is not what you guys were hoping for. It’s not what we want either. But at the end of our discussions and our desires. We had to decide we will err on the side of caution. We all agree that no publicity is better than bad publicity.

We have already talked with Bro Dustin Wisely and he is planning to be with us for next year’s camp. We are going to keep the same theme, and we are hoping the guys in the band can be with us for camp in 2021. Which will be July 26-30th.

Some have asked about t-shirts. We are not going to have t-shirts made for the DEWrs or for camp this year. Just to avoid the cost and hassle. There is a bright side even though you may need to strain to see it. If our regular contributions continue without the expenses of camp week. We will be able to completely pay off the camp loan. We are doing some minor repairs and will be working at camp. In fact the DEWr retreat June 19-20th will basically be a work weekend. So if you’re a DEWr be sure to come help. A DEWr is anyone who gives $75 per year to camp. We will be cooking outside to avoid congestion in the dining hall.

The MO state GMA’s are also planning their annual retreat to be held at camp July 10-11. We are permitting their retreat because they typically have fewer than 30 in attendance which can be safely spread out through multiple dorms.

Again, We did not make this decision lightly. It saddens me to write this. Last year we celebrated 50 years, this year no camp. We are only comforted by knowing that our LORD will work even this out to be good.
It is HIS history. HIS story.
Chris Polk, Camp Director

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