Camp Week: July 29 – August 2!

Theme: “Hills and Valleys”
Psalms 104:8 – “The mountains rose, the valleys sank down to the place that you appointed for them.”
Be there or be square! Our Speaker, Brad Banderman, will fire up your youth before we send them back to school.

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  • BMA of MO Semi-Annual Meeting
    Posted by admin

    The Semi-Annual Meeting of the BMA of Missouri met at Grandview Baptist Church, Springfield, May 18th. One of the highlights of the meeting was the growing anticipation of a new missionary, Bro. Dustin Wisely, coming to our state to work in the Columbia area. Bro. Wisely is entering the field as a missionary commissioned by and under the immediate... read more...

  • Camp Garwood Activities
    Posted by admin

    These months sure are clicking by. Your church should have received a camp packet by now. We are looking for the T-shirt order and registration form to be sent in on Fathers Day. We will not be ordering extra shirts this year so please be sure to order if you want one. We’ll have pictures of the shirts posted on the camp Facebook page soon and the... read more...

  • June 2019 – Mission Director’s Report
    Posted by admin

    I am excited in the prospect of a new work starting in the Columbia, Missouri area and look forward to seeing God’s blessings upon our efforts in that part of the state. Please pray and encourage our works in that area as we see God leading in this. Your Missionary Advisory Committee has prayed about expanding our efforts and believe this is... read more...

  • What a great meeting!
    Posted by admin

    The annual Missions Symposium of the BMA of Missouri met at Grandview Baptist Church in Springfield May 17th at 6:30 p.m. Pastor Gary Longstaff and Grandview Church in cooperation with our Missions Director had made preparation for this meeting and God blessed their efforts in a mighty way! The atmosphere was comfortable, the music was uplifting, and... read more...

  • Camp Garwood 2019
    Posted by admin

    Our camp theme this year, “Hills and Valleys” was suggested by Stuart during last year’s DIT (Disciples In Training) meetings. Psalms 104:8 says, “The mountains rose, the valleys sank down to the place that you appointed for them.” At camp last week the creek was babbling, the birds were singing, the flowers were out, the trees were a dozen... read more...

  • Opportunities For Service…. Your Help is Vital to the Ministry Of Camp Garwood!!
    Posted by admin

    We had such a great time at the recent Renewal Weekend. Thanks to the State and Meramec Associations for sponsoring and Bro. Ben Kingston for planning it! We LOOK FORWARD to the upcoming Men’s retreat May 3rd – 4th. I’m sure details will be included in this edition We hope to see a good crowd. The Men’s retreat is always a lot of fun... read more...

  • Missions Symposium
    Posted by admin

    Don’t miss the Missions Symposium! May 17th – 6:30 PM At Glenview Baptist Church, Springfield, Missouri  Read More →

  • Director of Abortion Recovery Ministry Speaks at Jacksonville, College
    Posted by admin

    BJ Garrett January 23, the day after New York passed the Reproductive Health Act, BJ Garrett, Executive Director of Christ-centered Abortion Recovery & Education(CARE), spoke in Chapel at Jacksonville College. As she addressed students, faculty, and sta?, BJ began to recount thetragic story of her childhood: “When I was twelve years old,... read more...

  • The Master Builder’s Retreat 2019
    Posted by admin

    The annual retreat for the Master’s Builders, was held on January 22nd -25th. For the first time, the Builders gathered at Daniel Dorm at Daniel Springs Encampment, in Gary, Texas. In April of last year, our men did some remodeling of the dorm and Daniel Springs can now offer a very nice facility for group gatherings. Bro. Jason Prewitt says the camp... read more...

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