New Director of International Missions

Bro. Eric Johnson, former missionary to Mexico, will replace Bro. Phil Knott as Director of International Missions, effective in May. Bro. Knott recently announced his retirement after four years in that position.

Johnson was born into a family of BMA missionaries, and he and his wife, Kelly, and three children, Audrey Lee, Matty Ann, and Abram Gaylan, began serving as church planters in Pachuca, Mexico, in 2008. In 2011 Kelly was diagnosed with an illness that, over time, God has used to lead them back to ministry in the United States. Since then Johnson has continued to serve in BMA Missions through church planter training in evangelism, discipleship, and Biblical studies. Knott will work with Johnson during the next year as Johnson transitions into his new role as International Missions Director.

“We give praise and glory to God, our Healer, for the work he has done during the difficult time of Kelly’s illness and diagnosis, and we are very grateful for his mercy in our lives. Because of the strict nature of her diet and her immune system we had to conclude that it was not God’s will for us to live in Mexico. This was not an easy decision, but an obvious one. Dr. John David Smith, Bro. Phil and BMA Missions staff were very helpful to us during this time. I am very grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord and our churches, and I believe that God has much more in store for our future.”

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