Master’s Builders Working in Arkansas

On April 12th, The Master’s Builders began work at Stoneridge Baptist Camp, Smithville, Arkansas. This project was scheduled for last year, but due to Covid, was postponed.
We had 15 men there to work on this project and enjoyed having Mike Shelton join us again. Mike is hoping to become a regular in our group, if the Lord allows.

Scott Small, director of Stoneridge, was there every day working, consulting, and running to get materials. He, and his wife, Myrtie, are a dedicated couple who are humble, faithful and hard working. They fed our group 2 meals a day (except weekends) and we so enjoyed our time with them and their family. We can never express what they mean to us!

While at Stoneridge, the Builders built a 12×56 back porch on the Director’s house with a tin roof, handrails, and steps. They also built a 12×24 storage building with shelves, they remodeled one bathroom to be handicap accessible, they built a 24’ wall in one dorm to divide it for summer workers, and they cut off the bottom of 22 doors. This was job #170 for the Master’s Builders.

If you have questions about our ministry, or if your church has building needs, contact: Eddie Sikes at (479)462-1675, Mike Green at (972)935-3877 or David Axe at (903)918-0720.

Keep up with us day to day on Facebook! Rose Bittner does a wonderful job with pictures and info on what’s going on each day. So “Like Us” at “The Master’s Builders”. (church arbor logo)

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