5 BIG Announcements About Camp Garwood!

Are you getting anxious about going to Camp Garwood again? Are you wondering when and what will be happening there this year? Do you want to know if you can do anything to help at Camp Garwood?

Then check out this article and read the 5 BIG Announcements Bro. Chris has made that will interest you!

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  • BMA Hispanic Ministry in Saint Louis, MO: “BELEN”
    Posted by admin

    Thankful! We are so blessed to share our deepest gratitude for each one of the following that has happened here at “Belen” Hispanic Ministry Outreach: Prayer Network: 40 days of prayer and evangelism now have been completed!!! We have been blessed by each of you who prays for us. We now have a specific person or family that pray for us... read more...

  • March 2021 – Mission Director’s Report
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    A Page from My Heart Most everything we own will outlive us. The question is: will our influence? I am wearing a dead man’s shoes. I love the shoes, they are comfortable. But remembering the one I got them from is even more comforting. Jim is a good man. The reason I say this is because he is still as alive as Moses or Abraham. Yet, his time here... read more...

  • Ready, Set, Go to Camp
    Posted by admin

    Following are a series of announcements made in the Camp Garwood Facebook group last week. After our trip to camp in the snow I had promised the group some big announcements in the following week. My family and I headed to camp for the big snow storm and had a great time. Playing in the snow beats working in it any day. You can see pictures from that... read more...

  • Plan Now as we Look Forward!
    Posted by admin

    Dear churches of Missouri:As you know we have a missions symposium in May each year coupled with the Mid-year Association meeting on the following day. May 14th and 15th will be this year’s dates for the missions symposium on Friday and the Association meeting on Saturday. The meetings will take place at New Testament Baptist Church in Sullivan.... read more...

  • State WMA & Brotherhood Meeting
    Posted by admin

    Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, DeSoto March 6, 2021 • 10:00 a.m. Come Meet our New Missouri Missionaries (Juan & Hannah Hernandez) Morning Message • Bro. James Hoffmann Alternate • Bro. Benjamin Kingston Lunch will not be served by the church.  Read More →

  • February 2021 – Mission Director’s Report
    Posted by admin

    A Page From My Heart…. As you know, we have passed motions in both the Meramec Association and the BMA of MO to support Bro. Juan Fernandez as a North American missionary in the St. Louis region. We are not the lead in this effort, but God has used the fact that we are in a healthy financial situation to get this ministry started. Bro. Juan... read more...

  • Think Globally — Act Locally
    Posted by admin

    Jeff Swart, BMAA President Happy New Year! On the last evening of each year, a celebration is held throughout our land. This celebration climaxes at the stroke of midnight at Times Square in New York City when multitudes of people cheer and shout “Happy New Year!” They blow toy horns and other noisemakers, laugh and embrace and kiss someone.... read more...

  • News from Todd & Tina Cox BMAA Missionaries at StonePoint Church North GA
    Posted by admin

    2020…what can I say? It is been a crazy year to say the least. We have all used and overused some words this year such as: Unprecedented, Pandemic, COVID-19, Coronavirus, and more! I know you all experienced many things as a family and at your local churches. First and foremost, we know that God is still on His throne and in control! Praise the... read more...

  • No Rules, No Punishment, Leads to Anarchy
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    by Dr. John M. Adams • Executive Director, Moral Action Proverbs 29:2 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” It seems today that the wicked are ruling. So many true Christian believers are disillusioned. So many watch as the streets are filled with violence and corruption.... read more...

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