91st Annual Session of the Baptist Missionary Association of Missouri

The BMA of Missouri met at Bethel Baptist Church in Lonedell for its ninety-first annual meeting October 27, 2018. Twenty-two churches were represented by 49 messengers, with 10 additional churches represented by letter only. After a welcome from
host pastor Ben Kingston and the morning devotional by Bro. Brian Kingston, President Dale Fish called the business meeting
to order.

The body approved a change to the Association Bylaws, moving the Annual Association from the 4th Saturday of October to
the 2nd Saturday. Bro. Dennis Baker read his report outlining liability concerns of the Association and its individual departments. The Association asked the Special Missions Committee to give further consideration into the issues and recommendations highlighted in the report. A motion was passed to spend $1,563 from the Revolving Loan Fund to purchase liability insurance from Brotherhood Mutual to cover the Association for the coming year while the needs and recommendations are under review. Note: As we prepare this issue of the paper Bro. Dennis Baker informed us that insurance has been purchased to cover all the departments of the BMA of MO (except Camp Garwood which has insurance on another Brotherhood Mutual Policy)
and became e?ective November 1, 2018.

Bro. Gene Hankins, Pastor of Shady Grove Baptist Church in McAlester, OK and Missions Director of the BMA of Oklahoma was invited by the host pastor to come and share what God is doing with their Church Planting efforts in Oklahoma and to bring the morning message. They have a very viable work started northwest of Oklahoma City.His report and message encouraged us to do our best and trust God for results.

BMAA Seminary President, Dr. Charley Holmes spoke to us about the plans, needs and goals of the Seminary, emphasizing the need to raise funds for replacing the roofs on their buildings. The messengers voted to give an o?ering of $3,000 toward this project. Bro. Holmes has led our Seminary very well.

The Association also voted to give Camp Garwood $5,000 from the Missions Fund to be applied to the camp’s indebtedness
with the Revolving Loan Fund. This money was given in honor of the Chris Polk family for their ongoing dedication to the camp
ministry. We also encouraged him to pay himself the back salary for the few months this summer he withheld his pay while funds were low.

Bros. Ben Kingston and Jerry Adams were elected as the President and Vice-President (respectively) for the coming
year. Last year the Association approved a $2,500 gift from the Missions Fund to the Abundant Life in Christ Baptist Church
in Charleston to help with their parking lot expense. However, the actual cost ended up being only $1,445. The Association
voted to give the $1,055 balance to the church for their building.

A standing vote of appreciation was given to Bethel Baptist Church and Pastor Ben Kingston for their hospitality and for
the delicious chicken and steak lunch that was enjoyed by all. This meeting was well attended and the fellowship was
sweet and uplifting causing us to look forward to the next time we can be together. The 2019 Missions Symposium and Semi-Annual Meeting will be held with Grandview Baptist Church in Springfeld (May 17-18). The Annual Association will be at Bethel Baptist Church in Sikeston (Oct. 12).

Don Burke,
Recording Secretary

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