February 2019 – Mission Director’s Report

Now that things are starting to thaw and most activities are getting somewhat back to normal things are going to be very busy among our churches in Missouri. It is exciting to hear that a couple churches who have been searching for pastors have found someone to lead them and a few are having preachers in view of a call so that this time next month more might have pastors. It is also encouraging to know that some searching churches have found men who are willing to serve as interim pastors to help them have some form of continuity while they search for the man God wants to lead them. Amidst this encouraging news we are brought back to the reality that a pastor or two has resigned and other churches are searching for pastors to fll the vacancies. Please keep in mind that as director of Missions I constantly get calls from churches that are in need of pastors or who are looking for someone to “fll-in” during their search. Therefore, if you are available to pastor or fll-in please let me know so I can give your information to those who contact me, and I can publish your availability in this publication.
The joint meeting of the BMA of Missouri Special Missions Committee and the Missionary Committee of the Meramec Association was very positive as both associations are interested in helping support the planting of new churches in our state. We met with a prospective church planter and his pastor and were impressed with what God has laid on their hearts concerning the work in Missouri. Both committees are working to see just how we can join in this e?ort and we hope to have some ideas to share at our mid-year meeting in May of this year. Please keep praying for this effort. We are still praying for God to open doors and provide church planters all across Missouri as we know we need to be reaching more with the Gospel before the
Lord returns. I encourage Pastors and Pastoral Staff to do your best to attend the “Renewal Weekend” that we asked Bro. Ben Kingston to plan.

It will be the last weekend in March and, as you see from the information on the front page, it should be very helpful to all who attend. This is a time to not only learn from experienced men but also a great time to fellowship and encourage one another in the Lord’s work. It doesn’t cost you anything but your time, and God has already given that to you!! So use it wisely!

by James Hoffmann, Mission’s Director

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