Another Great Camp at Garwood!!

10 of those who were saved at camp

10 of those who were saved at camp

God has blessed us with a great campground with good facilities and then sent beautiful weather, wonderful speakers, singers, and workers in addition to over 300 young people who were ready for God to work in their lives throughout the week of July 31st – August 4th. The result was A GREAT CAMP FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!

At least 11 young people accepted Christ as their Savior during the week and many other decisions were made about our relationship with Jesus and one another.

2017 Ladies Retreat

September 8 – 9, 2017

Drury Inn & Suites • Arnold, MO
(636) 287-3111
Group Number: 2288716
Room Rate: $129.99/night:
2 Queen beds (up to 4 people)
Room Occupancy will include:
“Kickback” (Supper) &
“Quick-Start” (Breakfast)

Registration Fee
$ 25.00 BEFORE August 31
$ 30 after August 31

Registration form

Fun begins at 2 p.m. on Friday and ends around 3 p.m. on Saturday

Plan now to come as early as you can to enjoy the fun and fellowship!

We are stepping up a notch on the fun so you don’t want to miss it!!

There will be a silent auction and all proceeds will go to Camp Garwood

July 2017 – Assistant Mission Director’s Report

We continue to keep our eyes and ears open for preachers and missionaries who are interested in coming to Missouri to pastor or plant churches. So far we have not been very successful. Please contact me if you or someone you know is interested in working with us to spread the Gospel in our area.

The financial support of our churches continues to be good and we are trying to be good stewards of what God provides.
As I suggested and as instructed by the messengers at our Mid-year meeting, I have invested $100,000 in the BMA of
Mississippi Revolving Loan Fund in order to draw interest while we wait to use those funds in missionary support.

As you see in the financial report above, this still leaves us with immediate accessible funds of $ 44,549.02 in our checking account and $1,100.50 in a bank savings account. Please note that the bank savings account is maintained to keep us from having to pay a service charge on our checking account each month.

Please pray that we will follow God’s leadership in our ministries around our state. If you have any suggestions or
ideas about what we can do please let me or any member of the Special Missions Committee know so we can consider your ideas when we meet before our annual meeting in October. Your input is appreciated. The following men serve on our Special
Missions Committee: Russell Chitwood, Don Burke, Brian Meade, Dan Wisely, Dale Fish, and Ben Kingston. Any of us would be glad to listen to your suggestions and comments and present them to the whole committee.

Just Surrender…

Introducing the Lahmann Missionary Family
by Jennifer Brooks, First Baptist Church, Bourbon, MO

I remember clearly the morning at Sunday school when our teacher and youth director first announced plans that he was going to ask the church’s permission to pursue a mission trip for the youth group. Finally! Here it was, something I had been praying to come about, an opportunity to participate physically in missions! The planning soon began and that first mission trip to the Navajo Nation happened in the summer of 2009. Leading and organizing the trip was Andy and Danyell Lahmann.

I’m not sure there is any amount of preparation that really gets you completely ready for missions. We have all learned
that things usually NEVER go according to our plans but the Lord ALWAYS provides just what we need to get it all pulled
together. Many tears, hugs, laughs, prayers, dum dum suckers (chocolate melts on the reservation), water balloons and Bibles
come to memory, but most importantly of all, the many souls saved through the years. After the 2009 trip we had clearly fallen in love with the people of the Navajo Nation and yearned to see them come to the Lord. We returned under the Lahmanns again in 2010 and 2011. Each year we fell deeper in love as we continued to see more need for the Lord in this area.

It was after returning from the 2011 trip that I saw a change in Andy and Danyell. I remember being somewhat frustrated in
seeing their struggle. I could see that the Lord was tugging on them and of course I had heard of their passion for the Navajo people more than once. In all reality I wanted to shake them and say “JUST SURRENDER!”. Naive I was to think that such a decision should be so hastily made. I mean uproot a family of 5 and move across the country to see the Navajo people come to Jesus, why would that be such a difficult decision?? Well I sure wasn’t jumping up and down to uproot my family. But the Lord was working on them and that time came. They came before the church with tears and weeping of their love for the Navajo people. Then and there within the walls of First Missionary Baptist Church of Bourbon, MO they surrendered their lives to the Lord to serve in the Navajo Nation.

It was just about 9 months later and we were packing up the Budget moving truck in the parking lot of the church. The 2012 Navajo Mission began with planting family missionaries Andy and Danyell Lahmann! We couldn’t have been more excited. What a
tremendous blessing to be part of that move and the returned mission trips since then. It is now 2017 and our missionaries
are being used of the Lord in mighty ways. In 2013, they began helping Montezuma Creek Baptist Church, whom had recently lost their pastor. The Lahmann Family stepped in to assist them in training up a Navajo pastor and strengthening and equipping their congregation. They completed this process in the beginning of 2015. While the Lahmann Family have moved
on, their ties with Montezuma are still strong. Many times they will find ways to unite the Baptist churches they have worked with in the reservation to the church with which they are currently working.

Currently the Lahmann Family is working with Mexican Water Baptist Church. Once again their burden is strengthening and
equipping this church body. At the latter part of 2016 the Lord opened the door for the parsonage at Mexican Water, allowing the Lahmann family a place to stay on the weekends. This may seem strange to us back home where the average commute to church is probably around 15 minutes. With their one way commute to Mexican Water being nearly 2 hours, the opening of the parsonage has been an answer to prayers and will in turn open the door to the ministry there. They are now having Sunday afternoon services and discipleship classes. As they pray and focus on the spiritual growth of Mexican Water they will also be praying, just as they did for Montezuma, to have an indigenous pastor. Knowing that a Navajo pastor to lead the Mexican Water congregation is best for their future. Moving forward their prayer is to “Plug In” to the Mexican Water community. It is also their prayer for you to “Plug In” to Mexican Water Baptist also.

    Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Back Yard Bible Clubs: We have limited opportunities this year for Summer Bible Clubs. If you are interested in coming out with your church group please contact us ASAP so we may begin to work with you and your church to prepare for the outreach that we will be doing together on the Navajo Reservation.
  2. Work Groups: This year as we focus on Mexican Water it is our desire to see some physical labor completed on the church building. If you would be willing to come and help in this are please contact us so that we may make plans for the completion of projects throughout 2017. We see a need for the following projects to be completed: Update the sanctuary with paint, new carpet, and new lighting. Installing a shower in the church bathroom, this will allow Mission Groups to stay at the church during ministry weeks. Painting the exterior of the church buildings.
  3. Hunting Camps: The Men’s Hunting Ministry was wonderful last year. Bro. Andy looks forward to this week in 2017.
    Contact Bro. Andy for information, cost, and needed preparation for yourself or the men in your church. He can only take a limited number of men for this Ministry Outreach, so please don’t wait to call if your interested or you may miss out on your 2017 Colorado Men’s Retreat.
  4. Shoebox Ministry: We LOVE the Shoebox Ministry and we LOVE how so many have gotten involved in this Ministry Outreach. As we look to 2017 Shoebox Ministry it is our prayer to see this outreach continue to grow. Due to the growth of this outreach program we will be splitting the delivery of gifts throughout December. If you are interested in participating this year please plan now to have your gifts mailed or financial gifts sent in by December 1st, 2017. This is much earlier than the previous years, but we believe that it will make the outreach smoother and also allow our family to focus on Church Christmas Program and family time during the Christmas Season. Thank you for helping us make December run smooth and continuing to help us reach the Navajo Nation during the Christmas Season.
  5. I really cannot fully explain the joy these mission trips bring and I could go on and on about many sweet memories. It’s hard to believe that our lives have been intertwined with the Navajo Nation through the Lahmann Family for nearly 9 years
    now!! How silly was I to be frustrated with the Lahmann’s for not surrendering when I thought they needed too. I am so very glad that they followed the call of the Lord, it for sure has not always been easy. But always the Lord has been faithful
    and good. So I say to you reading, if you choose to surrender your hearts, prayers and love to the Navajo people you will fall in love and see the Lord move in ways you have never seen before. God Bless.

    For more information on supporting the Lahmann Family Missionaries to the Navajo Nation please feel free to contact them or their sending church:
    Andy & Danyell Lahmann
    PO Box 1354
    Cortez, CO 81321
    (573) 205-6022
    Facebook: Lahmann Family Missionaries

    First Missionary Baptist Church
    PO Box 386
    Bourbon, MO 65441
    (573) 732-5420
    Pastor Roy Fikac
    Jennifer Brooks, Mission Secretary

Happy Father’s Day!

Missions Symposium & Mid-Year Meeting of the BMA of Missouri

May 19-20, 2017
Landmark Baptist Church
DeSoto, Missouri

May 19-20, 2017 the Churches of the Baptist Missionary Association of Missouri had the privilege to fellowship, study God’s
Word and make plans for doing the work of God as we enjoyed the hospitality of the gracious folks at Landmark Baptist Church in DeSoto. Once again our mission symposium started at 6:00 p.m. Friday evening and continued for three sessions. We enjoyed the teaching of Bro. Jeff Swart, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Galena, Kansas as he focused on Bible Prophecy and its application for us today.

In Session One Bro. Swart used I Thessalonians 4:13-18 and other passages as he spoke about “The Rapture of the Saints.”
Following a short break, Session Two was used to address “Commonly Asked Questions about the Rapture.” Using Scripture to answer the questions, Bro. Swart emphasized taking Scripture literally until the literal makes no sense.” Session Three was held Saturday morning and addressed the subject “Is the United States Mentioned in Prophecy?” All three sessions were very informative and inspirational.

We appreciate Bro. Swart and his wife being with us again this year and thank them for their dedication to the Lord and His Word. Following the Saturday morning Session of the Symposium the messengers of our churches were called to order by President Dale Fish to take care of business concerning the BMA of Missouri.

Due to the absence of our clerk and the fact that we failed to elect an assistant clerk at our annual meeting last October when the Assistant Clerk was elected as President, Bro. Jim Ainley filled this vacancy for this meeting. A petitionary letter was read from Fellowship Baptist Church of Potosi. This church was received and the hand of fellowship was extended to their Pastor Bro. Mike Jarvis on behalf of the Association by Bro. Wayne Gibson.

The following reports were given and approved: the Kenneth Gibson Seminary Student Grant Fund, the Missouri Missionary
Baptist Paper, Missouri Baptist Loan Association, and the ALIVE Report. Bro. Don Burke was elected as clerk and Bro. Brian Meade was elected as assistant clerk of the BMA of Missouri. The Missionary Committee was called to order and heard the report of Assistant Mission Director, James Hoffmann. The committee voted to recommend investing some of our funds in
the BMA of Mississippi Revolving Loan Fund where it can draw interest until such a time it is needed.

The President called the messengers back in session and they approved the Missionary Committee recommendations. The Camp Report was given by Bro. Dan Wisely in the absence of Camp Director Chris Polk. Bro. Dennis Baker gave the Brotherhood report. The messengers voted to keep the Symposium Offering (for Camp Garwood and The Loan Association Grant Fund) open through the end of July. $600 was given during the meeting and another $150 has come in since then. Bro. Ben Kingston expressed his appreciation for the good response to the Renewal Retreat and announced that there will be another Retreat
next year.

Appreciation was expressed to Landmark for their hospitality.

Our annual meeting will be October 28, 2017 at Camp Garwood.

June 2017 – Assistant Mission Director’s Report

Thanks to the hospitality of Pastor Wayne and Sis. Ruth Gibson, the good folks of Landmark Baptist Church, Bro. Je? Swart,
our Associational Officers, and the cooperation of all who attended we had a great Missions Symposium and Mid-Year Meeting in DeSoto. Thanks to everyone who was involved!

My wife and I attended the National BMAA meeting in Texas but had to miss the last day due to coming home for the funeral of
Bro. Terry Manning, a member of Bethany. It was a good meeting and we were glad to be able to enjoy some of it. The article below is printed to introduce you to a Missouri family that is working in Colorado with the Navajo Indians under the sponsorship of their home church, First Baptist of Bourbon. This family has been selected as a project by our State WMA for the 2017-2018 year. Read about them, pray for them, and support them through our WMA this year.

James Hoffman

A Note From Our Camp Director

In May, our funds were running very low. We asked for and received a $20,000 loan from the revolving loan fund to cover the remaining dorm expenses and operate until camp week. We have since received a couple special gifts. I especially want to
send a heart felt Thanks to the remaining members of Springdale who have graciously blessed camp with funds as a result of closing their doors. Your gift will enable us to give back the loan and complete the building debt free. We praise the Lord for that!

We have been busy at camp trying to get our hut ready. Joe has been busy trying to get the new dorm ready. And both are very
close to being finished. Folks have been asking, “What can we do?” At this point EVERYTHING! Because I have done very little normal camp stuff. If you are coming to help get ready for camp, let me know I’ll have plenty for you to do.

As camp is quickly approaching, all of the churches should have already received a packet. If you have not please give me a
call. The church registration date is June 19. Registering by this date insures your T-shirt order will be filled. It also gives your group a better chance of being placed in the dorm of your choice. The registration helps us prepare in many ways. Not only in dorm space but also camper sites, food ordering and a more accurate T-shirt order. Not to mention tracking the number of campers throughout the week.

Please be sure the adults in your group have completed the adult screening form and that all of your campers are familiar with the camp rules. Continue to pray for our speakers, worship leaders, teachers, sponsors, and most of all the lost who will be introduced to Jesus in the valley we call Garwood.

Chris Polk • P.O. Box 271 • Matthews MO 63867
Home 573-472-1038 • Cell 573-380-1975 •

North Lake In Transition

North Lake Church, Smithville, is defnitely in transition. Not only are they in the process of finding and moving into a new home, they also have called Jared Kathcart (former Associate Pastor at North Lake) to be the pastor as they move forward. Jared and his wife Nikki have two daughters, Andie North Lake In Transition Grace and Rowen, and enjoy building into the lives of the families in Smithville. He has a particular heart for living out the Gospel of Christ, and sees ministry as a God-given opportunity to help individuals and communities grow in their identities in Christ, as well as their knowledge of His truth and love. Jared has over 11 years of experience in ministry, serving at First Baptist Church in Bolivar, MO, Wellborn Baptist Church in Kansas City, KS, and with North Lake since 2012. Jared has a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry from Southwest Baptist University, and a Master’s degree in Counseling from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he also serves as an adjunct professor. Along with Christ, his family, and his ministry, Jared is a lover of a long list of many other things which includes “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, the Dallas Cowboys, and camping. You can reach Jared anytime by emailing him at or by calling 816-447-6033. Please be in prayer for North Lake, and for the Kathcart family. You can follow the pastor’s blog at https://

-copied The Baptist Herald

A Result from The Renewal Retreats

The Special Missions Committee met April 17th in preparation for the BMA of Missouri Mid-year Meeting. The agenda included a report and discussion about the Renewal Retreats, including the participants’ desire for unity between the State and Meramec Associations. Out of this discussion three from this committee – Pastors representing both Associations – volunteered to draft a “Statement of Unity” to encourage the continued efforts in this process, and specifically hoping that in our 2017 annual meetings all entities will consider making an official stand to put the past in the past and go forward in unity for the good of all the work in Missouri.

Statement of Unity

If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all men. (Romans 12:18)

We the undersigned, as pastors in both the Meramec and State Associations, would like to voice our appreciation for the desire expressed in the recent Renewal retreats to reunite our two Associations.


  • We are inspired by the unanimous desire to put all past differences aside and again embrace one another in unity;
  • We acknowledge that faults have been committed by both sides in the original disagreement and/or dealing with related issues since then;
  • We apologize for any faults or shortcomings on our own part, and extend forgiveness for any offense committed by others;
  • We encourage others to do the same;
  • We anticipate that time – hopefully in the immediate future – when all parties have forgiven and sought forgiveness, when we all reach out in love and acceptance to one another, when all is restored.

We would ask that each pastor, each church, and each Association similarly resolve to put this issue behind us, and be a part of this movement of blessed unity.

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! (Psalm 133:1)

– Bro. Ben Kingston, Bro. Brian Meade, Bro. Don Burke

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