Be a “Camp DEWr” in 2020

A “Camp DEWr” is an individual who gives $ 75.00 or more to camp in a year. It is a great way for YOU to support camp.

“Camp DEWrs” receive a free T-shirt and will have a special retreat weekend open only for DEWrs June 19-20, 2020. DEWrs get special recognition camp week.

It is time to apply for your membership for 2020 to the camp! If you were a “Camp DEWr” last year you must renew you status for 2020. Therefore if you renewing or joining for the first time send your $ 75 or more to Sis. Laura Polk at P.O. Box 271, Matthews, MO 63867. For more information call her at (573)472-1038, or email her at

A “Camp DEWr” weekend is a special retreat. We’ll have special guests and activities planned.

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