93rd Semi-Annual Meeting of the BMA of Missouri

Finally feeling a little less pressure from the pandemic threats that prevented our semi-annual meeting of 2020, the Association once again met for the mid-year meeting on May 15 at New Testament Baptist Church in Sullivan.

Host pastor Bro. Josh Wright gave a welcome and opening prayer, then Bro. Juan Fernandez shared the morning devotional on Prayer, taken from Romans 8:26.

Moderator Jerry Adams called the meeting to order. The normal slate of reports was presented for the State and some of the National Departments.

The Association was blessed to receive its first report from our new Missions director, Bro. Ben Kingston. Bro. Ben encouraged all our churches to consider participating in a program he is introducing that will encourage our members to learn more about our work for the Lord and inspire them to help us carry out God’s work according to His will. In this program each church will go through what Bro. Ben calls the “BMAMO BENCHMARK ASSESSMENT.” In this manner each pastor and church will be able to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and what they need to do to make corrections to help them accomplish God’s will for them. Bro. Ben passed out guidelines for that program and will be working with our pastors and churches to implement the goals needed.

The Missionary Committee met and presented the guidelines for support of Bro. Juan Fernandez who is a missionary of the BMA of America and is working in Missouri to reach the Hispanic population with the Gospel.

After a rising vote of appreciation to the host pastor and church for their hospitality by the Association, Bro. Dan Wisely gave the annual message on “What are Our Orders?”

A delicious meal was provided by the host church and enjoyed by all before we headed for home rejoicing over a great time of praise and fellowship.

by Bro. Don Burke, Clerk

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