Ninety-Second Annual Meeting of the BMA of Missouri

October 12, 2019 • 9:00 a.m.
Bethel Baptist Church, Sikeston, MO

Please remember that we voted to change the date of our annual association meeting to the 2nd Saturday of October instead of the 4th Saturday (2018 Minutes, Page 31, Morning Session #5). Therefore this year’s meeting is on October 12th at Bethel Baptist Church in Sikeston.
Please read: the messages “from our Host Pastor and From our Moderator,” included in this article along with the “reminder about your church’s membership in the BMAMO,” in the dotted box at the end of this article; the message “from our Missions Director,” on page 3; the “recommendations of the Special Missions Committee”, also on page 3; and the “recommended overhaul of By-Law Article VI,” on page 5, so you can be prepared to attend this meeting informed, in the right spirit, and ready to contribute to the progression of the work God has for us in the Baptist Missionary Association of Missouri.

From Our Host Pastor…..
Bethel Baptist Church of Sikeston is honored to host the 2019 annual meeting of the BMA of MO. Sikeston has many hotels and restaurants to choose from, our church is located at 128 5th street in Sikeston. We will serve pastries, coffee, juice between 7:30-8:30 a.m. and lunch. We have meeting rooms if needed. Looking forward to seeing you and having a Spirit-filled meeting. You can contact me at 573-521-8028 or e-mail
Bro. Billy Davis

From Our Moderator….
Dear Churches of the BMA of the State of Missouri:
What an amazing year of ministry it has been for our churches and camp organizations. I heard great things from Bro. Brad Banderman of how God moved and showed up at Camp Garwood through spiritual decisions made and salvations experienced and the great fun that was had by kids and adults alike.
The State Meeting is always an excellent time to hear our many department’s reports and to catch the excitement of our directors and leaders.
We had an amazing mid-year meeting at Springfield with Bro. Gary Longstaff and Grandview Baptist Church, And I know we will with Bro. Davis and Bethel Baptist Church in Sikeston.
Please, oh, PLEASE make plans to attend. And please pray for a peaceful and harmonious meeting and for God’s Spirit to be felt by all.
Bro. Ben Kingston

Reminder About Your Church’s Membership in the BMAMO
As part of the organizational structure of our State Association (see By-Laws on page 10 of 2018 Minutes Article III – Membership #3) we need to hear from our cooperating churches each year. This is accomplished by receiving a letter of representation from each church and by seating their messenger(s) if present in our annual meeting. This not only helps our cooperative work statistically but also assures each church who cooperates of strength and protection through being united with others of like faith and order. According to this by-law a church who does not send a letter and/or messengers for three consecutive years will be considered as having terminated her membership in the Association. Our clerk indicates that at the present time we have three churches who have not represented for two years and need to represent this year to avoid terminating their membership in the BMA of MO. Please help us by representing at the annual meeting this year.

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