Ready, Set, Go to Camp

Following are a series of announcements made in the Camp Garwood Facebook group last week. After our trip to camp in the snow I had promised the group some big announcements in the following week. My family and I headed to camp for the big snow storm and had a great time. Playing in the snow beats working in it any day. You can see pictures from that trip on the Facebook page if you are interested. Now that winter is officially over we turn our thoughts to Spring. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at camp. As always we ask that you be praying for us, and all the folks that will be working to make camp possible this year.

Big Announcement #1

Resting before the “Real” work starts!!!

Camp has purchased this tractor! We have needed to make this upgrade for awhile. We were not really looking at this time but this opportunity came up and the committee and myself thought it was time. However, Now that we have it, we need to pay for it. We have the funds in the account but rather than wiping out the account we borrowed the money from the loan fund. We will get the old tractor ready to sell along with the implements that we don’t need. We will designate all DEWr funds toward the tractor purchase this year. So with that being said, are you a DEWr? A DEWr is anyone who gives $ 75 annually to camp. That’s roughly .20 a day or $1.50 a week. Will you be a Camp Garwood DEWr?

Camp week in years past cost around $8000.00 we don’t know yet what our food costs will be this year so we are planning for a $10,000.00 week. And we know there will be some extra repair/replace costs to get camp ready. (Freezer, Slide, Archery, etc.)

The tractor loan is $17,500.00. This may be too much info. I could simply say, HEY we need money! But I’d rather lay everything out for you.

Big Announcement #2

Not as “BIG” and NOT requesting money. But still huge in importance. As Spring quickly approaches we are asking groups to adopt a dorm. This will involve a good cleaning, wiping down each bunk and making minor repairs as necessity and ability allows. (Lighting, Toilets, leaking sinks, gutters, painting, cleaning up leaves, etc).

Dorms 1-9, upper shower house, lower shower house, Dining Hall, Kitchen, Canteen and the Tabernacle are all currently available. There are other projects available if your group is larger and more energetic. Things like cleaning and treating woodwork, cleaning off the golf course, setting out tables and trash cans to name a few. There are also more involved projects, if interested just ask.

It’s been awhile. I know everyone is excited to get back to camp. This is your opportunity to get some camp time and help us get ready.

This is getting long, but there’s another reason we are asking groups to adopt a dorm. In the past someone would send a message. Hey, we cleaned this building. Then a couple weeks later someone else would say, We cleaned this building. One year the same building was “cleaned“ three different times by three different people. Hopefully this way we get more accomplished with the same effort.

You can begin after Easter. That’s when the water will be back on. Talk to your groups and let me know where you can help!

Big Announcement #3

Today’s announcement is just a reminder that we have entered a new year. Everyone 18 and older will need to complete an adult screening form. The form can be found at

While ON THE WEB SITE out the camp rules and Child Protection policy. Make sure to get all this completed before coming to any overnight activities!

Big Announcement #4

Finally the fun announcements!! This years DEWr retreat is scheduled for August 13-14. This retreat is a fun weekend planned specially for our Camp Garwood DEWrs. A DEWr is anyone who gives $75 annually to Camp Garwood. In the past we have ordered special T-shirts for DEWrs. We will not be doing that this year. While we don’t have all the details worked out. We can promise a great weekend of Fun and Fellowship in one of the most peaceful valleys in the world.

We have moved this retreat to after camp. I hope this works out for everyone. We couldn’t get an earlier date to work out.
Be a DEWr, Come to the retreat!

Big Announcement #5

The final and Biggest Big Announcement of all! I’ve been waiting all week to make this one! Tonight’s announcement is about The Spring Retreat! April 9-10. You’re ready to get back to camp, well mark your calendar. You guys do not want to miss this retreat! We will have great food, some exciting activities, and best of all Bro. Doug Mickan will be coming with his pals to lead our worship services and teach us about Jesus. It’s been a while since Doug has been to camp. I’m super excited and truly hope you are too. We are planning a service on Friday night and a service on Saturday morning.
This year registration for camp will be done online only. We want to test the system with this retreat. Each CHURCH planning to attend the retreat should register by March 29th. The retreat registration form can be found on the bmamissouri website. The form can be found under the Camp Garwood tab as Camp Garwood Retreat. Click the Online Registration link.
We will have a donation jar set up in the dining hall. Any help in off setting the retreat costs will be greatly appreciated.

As you can see from the pictures and words of this article we are: Getting Ready • Getting Set • and Inviting YOU to join us working and enjoying Camp Garwood this year!

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