June 2021 – Mission Director’s Report

A Page From My Heart…

What an amazing May it has been for the Kingston family and the State Association!

The Kingston’s saw their youngest graduate High School and leave for an 11 week camp for the summer. We saw our oldest son be ordained to the ministry and then Dawn and I spent the last week on vacation because our February trip was upended due to my having covid! We ended our trip by swinging through Little Rock, AR to visit my 80 + year old mother! So to say it has been a busy month would be an understatement but it was a good month!

Bethel is firing up for VBS this week which Iam sure many of you are doing at your respective churches.

On a Director of Missions note, my cup is full from the Missions Symposium and the State Meeting that we had on May 14th and 15th at New Testament Baptist in Sullivan.

Special thanks to New Testament and Bro. Josh Wright and His family for the amazing way they carried out the host duties! The facilities were top notch and the food was excellent as well along with the tremendous hospitality. Their goal was to bless the association and I would say, “Goal Accomplished!

I was excited about the reception of the “bmamo benchmark assessment” that was presented and we had at least five churches mention that they would like to be pilot churches. The Hope and goal is to have all of our bmamo churches involved with the benchmark assessment.

If you as the pastor want more information or were not able to be with us and you would like to discuss this with me please contact me at your convenience.

I will be with Bro. Terry Sharpe soon and at Stoney point on July 14th. If you are close to these churches please try to attend so you can hear more about this exciting effort to raise the bar of missions awareness in our work. The date is not set with Bro. Sharpe yet, but I will get word to those churches in his area when it is.

Or if you would like to schedule a Wednesday evening with the missions director through the summer there are a few dates left.

On a closing note, please pray for Bro. Juan and the missions effort in which he and his family is involved. They saw a precious soul come to the Lord this week. So proud of them and the work the Lord is doing through them.
Also please pray for protection for our camps this summer and everything that involves. From protection from thieves, to protection of our campers, to the salvation of many souls.

May the Lord bless you is my prayer:
Ben Kingston,
Director of Missions
BMA of Missouri
636-629-2978 Work
636-629-2526 Cell

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